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25th Oct 2012 17:03
Message from Tyrakus
can't figure out PM, but done, I agree
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20th Oct 2012 07:06
Message from Master Chief
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15th Aug 2012 06:59
Message from Master Chief
@the american dream game
#16 of 58
15th Aug 2012 06:58
Message from Master Chief
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24th Jun 2012 21:33
Message from Xrayjay
Sounds good.
#14 of 58
21st Jun 2012 13:59
Message from Warrior Mentor
Wow! good stuff. Do you see through the lies. Now your buddy emschorsch has the most armies than any of us and he has the game unless we all attack him. all of us. told you he would attack me.
#13 of 58
21st Jun 2012 10:02
Message from emschorsch
sorry, I had a truce with him that I needed to announce I was breaking so I can't truly attack until next turn, I understand if you want to attack me if you don't believe me.
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20th Jun 2012 15:15
Message from emschorsch
I'm sorrry I didn't realize how powerful purple was since he never had all his territories since you attacked him. I will concentrate my troops so that I'm ready to attack him next turn as otherwise he'll merely be able to counter and wipe me out.
#11 of 58
7th Jun 2012 09:47
Message from emschorsch
I was matching you on the border, sending a signal of I don't want more troops than you there because I won't be attacking, but wtvr.
#10 of 58
7th Jun 2012 08:50
Message from MoHawk
you accused me of cheating in a game that I lost ?! you might not remember , but you accused me and another player of working together, and not only was I eliminated, but the other was too ...
#9 of 58
6th Jun 2012 20:42
Message from emschorsch
wtf you just offered me a truce.
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30th May 2012 08:15
Message from MoHawk
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11th May 2012 08:29
Message from MoHawk
yo, do not attack me in australia and I will leave into Siam
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18th Apr 2012 20:49
Message from RiskyBack
I just read your review of Game of Hordes! and so I watched your game and you actually played that map very well. I initially thought you didn't understand the Capitals but actually it was Grey in your game that didn't. You played it well and I commend you on that, however, it is a more complicated map than the standard Risk maps, but it is not broken. It works exactly how it is designed to work. I think you should play it again maybe now that more people have gotten used to it and I think you'll enjoy because you've got the strategy down, you just may not know it. Good Luck and Good Dice!
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18th Apr 2012 04:23
Message from CiscoKid
Ouch, Conan with a hang over there, mate!
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15th Apr 2012 21:01
Message from Mongrel
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15th Apr 2012 16:37
Message from Edward Nygma
I did. Your picture looks like a character from a game. He's usually a normal viking, but in this particular "skin" he is dressed in knock-off Milwaukee's Best Cardboard to his horns and axe. I appreciate the upgrade to Natty Ice. They call him Olaf, in Beer Cardboard they call him Bro-laf.
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4th Apr 2012 21:47
Message from Edward Nygma
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