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Rating distribution for 3EyedTitan


Sat 5th Jan 15:26
Wargear Quest rated  Good
This board is really fun. The concept is a little weird though that you get a defense modifier for being at the other end of a bridge, but not for being inside a castle.
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Sat 5th Jan 02:15
Eden rated  Great
Lots of excitement here, don't forget that the center is 5v5 so defend properly.
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Mon 24th Dec 12:49
The Butter Battle rated  Superb
The combination of total fog, artillery attacks, crucial bonuses, and limited attacks/fortifies makes this a strategic and fun 1v1 showdown.
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Thu 4th Oct 05:48
Olympics rated  Great
I really like this board. I have played it twice and there are a good amount of strategies. Should I go for the medals right away for some early bonuses of start to power through one of the sets of rings. Should I turn in, take the torch and attack some rings, or just keep my stars and position heavily fortified? There is a lot to keep into consideration in this map and giving yourself a strong position early on is pretty crucial. I would say this map is best with 5 players.
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Mon 3rd Sep 15:42
Total WarGear rated  Great
Love the concept and the variation of strategies.
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Tue 14th Aug 19:04
Arm Wrestle rated  Great
Love it, only thing I would change would be for there to be 4 turn ins before the set repeats (3,6,9,12,3...). That way there could be 2 turn ins a piece before it goes back to 3.
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Wed 8th Aug 02:36
Captain's Log rated  Good
I like the different bonuses, good for 4 ppl to keep everyone uncomfortable.
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Sun 29th Jul 18:31
War rated  Good
You know what your getting with this map.
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Sat 21st Jul 00:41
Ancient Isles of Kjeldor rated  Perfect
I love this board. Do you really love it?? Yes...yes I do.
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Wed 18th Jul 01:06
WarGear Warfare rated  Good
A classic.
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Sun 15th Jul 17:28
9 Blocks rated  Great
No positional advantages makes it a fun unbiased time.
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Sat 7th Jul 23:39
Sleestaktica rated  Great
Continents are split adding a challenge that I like. I also think the pylons and their random bonuses add a tactical uniqueness, which is fun.
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