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Board Review

Prior to Board Review

The following guidelines or suggestions should be taken into account before submitting a board for public release in order to streamline the review process. Also, please be sure and play your map prior to submission, the Review process is NOT intended to be a feedback or development center.

Regarding obscene/illegal boards:

Use common sense when deciding to make a board with pornographic, especially violent or controversial imagery. A map of two giant breasts is going to be rejected, and you know it. A map of a giant pot leaf is going to be rejected, and you know it. A complex, artistic, interesting gameplay map pitting Columbian Army forces against a Cocaine Drug Cartel hideaway should make it through.

Regarding multiple copies of the basic Risk map:

If you are making yet another version of the standard Risk map, it's going to have to be particularly impressive in terms of either artistic content or a different style of gameplay in order to be approved. We realize there is a demand for the basic Risk map and style of play, but in the end we don't want 100 versions of the map floating around. It may not be fair, but if you are the 20th person to attempt a version of the Risk map, it's gotta be better than the 19 that went before.

Copyrighted material:

It is not Wargear's responsibility to check copyright on any map imagery you submit. If you rip off someone else's design and Wargear is sent a legitimate DMCA take down notice regarding the violation, the map will be removed and your ability to submit additional maps for Review will be suspended.

Unbalanced game start-up scenarios:

Boards designed so that one starting position has an *obvious* advantage over the other starting positions will not be approved, unless and until:

1. Wargear provides a means to choose which starting position you get.

2. The unbalanced nature of the game is prominently indicated with both an icon (similar to lightning style games) and explained in the About page.

Non-reversible submissions:

By submitting a board to Wargear you agree that Wargear gets non-exclusive perpetual permission to host games on your submitted board. Individual requests to remove a board from Live play MAY be honored but no automated means of removing a board from Live play will be available.

Submitting the Board

After you have completed your series of test games in Development mode and confirmed that the board is ready for release, you'll submit it to WarGear's in-house Board Review team. Clicking 'Submit Board' will create a Review Game with you as the host and automatically send invites to each official Reviewer. Once the designated number of Review players have joined, the game will start automatically.

The Reviewers may let you know what they think of the board and/or make some suggestions for improvement, if any seem necessary. Throughout this process you will be able to make updates to your board. Once the game has concluded, any Reviewer will be able to Accept your board, automatically promoting it to Live status, or Reject the board in accordance with the feedback they provided in your game or to you privately.

Through this process, WarGear management is able to ensure that every board that reaches Live status available for public play meets top industry standards for playability, fair game balance, and graphical excellence, qualities that characterize playing strategy board games at WarGear.net.

Check out the Board Designer's Chat forum for more help with Board Design.