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Everest expedition [R4G1] [Live]
Board Name King of the Mountains by M57
Created Thu Nov 24, 2022 01:40
Hosted By Everest expedition
# of Players 6
Clock Type Regular
Game Speed 2 day turn limit
Game Type Public
Gameplay Turn Based
Teamplay Enabled
Fog Setting Light
Automatic Boot Type AutoSkip
Next Card Set Worth 4,5,6,7,8,9
Terminate Game n/a
Surrender Game
Team Surrender
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Refresh stats Online / Offline Player Name Team Rank Cards Reserves Win Condition Status Turn Timer Actions
1  is offline now General Domination Thorin Oakenshield 1000 ? ? Fogged Playing
2  is offline now LosVoyAJoderATodos Himalayas 1000 ? ? Fogged Playing
3  is offline now Mr Mean Thorin Oakenshield 985 ? ? Fogged Playing 4 hours 21m
4  is offline now Footfungus Himalayas 1000 ? ? Fogged Playing
5 Tylersucks is online now Tylersucks Thorin Oakenshield 1000 ? ? Fogged Playing
6  is offline now Stardrifter Himalayas 902 ? ? Fogged Playing

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