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22 Jan 2021
Reviewed by jungkerl  Superb
Love it
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16 Feb 2012
Reviewed by BlackDog  Good
This board has a very fun and unique style of gameplay, but is slightly limited by the same things that make it interesting. At the start I really enjoyed this map, but as time goes on I feel that I generally use the same strategys repeatedly, and most of my wins/losses come down to how the dice treat me.

However, a refreshing break from both the classic maps and the intense strategy maps I've been playing.
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22 Aug 2011
Reviewed by Slowdog  Great
A cool concept. This board gets 10 stars for creativity, 0 stars for my ability to win, 8 stars overall.
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4 Aug 2011
Reviewed by Paulville  Great
Is nicely planned! However if both players know how to play, no one can really win!!!

Besides, if you don't want to loose, simply let all your cards on the deck pile. ANd is ready. You will never loose. Of course, probably you aren`t able to win neither
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24 Mar 2011
Reviewed by Rasputin  Perfect
This is my favorite board, you can get opponents that have no idea run through your defenses in 2 turns or an opponent who knows exactly what to do take 20 turns and not crack an army. I have very short games and very long games, to me, this board can get very addicting especially when people who have played before start to differ in their style, which is obviously a must. Its easy to mess up and place units where you may never get to them again but its just as easy for your opponent to do the same. Like someone said earlier at some point you can get literal 5's on every defensive and offensive card but I'm still yet to have a game go so long that I've forgot about it. My favorite ones are real time games because it keeps you on your toes and you can change your strategy on a dime. If you don't like it I would say play it a couple times and see if its still your thought. Just when I thought i have seen all the defensive and offensive moves that an this board allows for, i see a different one pop up. 10 stars!!!!!!
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17 Mar 2011
Reviewed by harvito  Average
Interesting idea but lacks the addictive value I am looking for.
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19 Feb 2011
Reviewed by falker1976  Poor
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7 Dec 2010
Reviewed by Skye  Great
Well-balanced and quick gameplay (I've never played against a defensive opponent). Rewards strategically aggressive players but punishes blindly aggressive ones. Failed miserably the first time I attempted a defensive position =) Curious to see how it would work as a SimulGear.
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9 Jun 2010
Reviewed by Mongrel  Great
At first, I had no idea what I was doing. With a couple games I realized that the board was actually very intuitive, the special cards having special properties is great, and that they can be used in conjunction is also very clever (return to attack is important here). Then I realized that once turn-ins become too large, the game will never end. Even with the blitz attack style, the triple of unit caps, high defense of the back column, and limited attacks makes makes it so the threatened player can fend off an advance until the cards are big enough to turn the whole thing into a giant stalemate. This has happened in at least two games of mine (blitzing as I should), and has been mentioned by others. An "overwhelm by bonus" way of winning would remedy these stalemates and could be achieved a few ways.

Otherwise a creative and well thought-out offering by RB.
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5 Jun 2010
Reviewed by Cramchakle  Perfect
Splendid map. Everything makes sense. Everything is fair. It looks good, plays good, and just plain is good. Plus, its fun. I can find nothing to complain about on this map, and for me, that's a feat!
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4 Jun 2010
Reviewed by darklord  Perfect
The best mrthod to win : move fast
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24 May 2010
Reviewed by Yertle  Superb
Move Fast! Be Relentless!
WGTF is a fun board that requires some maneuvering around and thought before starting your turn. Clever use of Attack Only borders and cool abilities of the different cards!
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19 May 2010
Reviewed by Oatworm  Perfect
This board was created explicitly so RiskyBack could have a perfect record on it.

He failed. ;-)

In all seriousness, this board is one of the most intuitive of Risky's creations. If you've never done a RiskyBoard before, this is a decent place to start - borders are fairly straightforward, the concept is linear, and the tactics are relatively basic. This is definitely a board that would rather wow you with wisdom than baffle you with bulls--t. Even so, this isn't your father's Risk clone. Risky takes pride in creating unique games and stretching the underlying game engine; consequently, approaching this board like a Risk-clone will get you quickly and thoroughly embarrassed if you're playing someone that knows better.
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