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14 Nov 2020
Reviewed by Vulture  Poor
Difficult board to understand and view. Didn't work for me.
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22 Apr 2020
Reviewed by Litotes  Superb
Really enjoy this board, both for the play and the graphics
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22 Feb 2017
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Superb
Super board. Still learning how to use the center main part.
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8 Dec 2014
Reviewed by Brademonium  Good
Good board with quick gameplay. Controlling the center of the board can open up a lot of opportunities.
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10 Mar 2014
Reviewed by Atkins  Average
I am not a graphics person, rather more concerned with a map view, in order to easier understand the borders. consequently, found this confusing and was not tempted to come back.
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27 Oct 2013
Reviewed by Rizal  Great
Nice board; good graphics.
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28 Jun 2012
Reviewed by Jigler  Good
I like this board for this awesome graphics; they're phenomenal. It is a little difficult to see what attacks where and what's going on at first, but it's not too hard.
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18 Jun 2012
Reviewed by floorcheese  Great
At first it was kind of hard to see what attacked what, since borders are essentially non-existant. But when you use the board explorer and use the map to your advantage, it starts to make some sense. Fun map!
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9 Jun 2012
Reviewed by Yacoubean  Great
Seems fun, but I got stuck in a 2 player game (boots) so it's hard to know for sure.
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10 Sep 2011
Reviewed by MilesTeg  Great
Love this board. so many options!
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1 Sep 2011
Reviewed by BorisTheFrugal  Superb
Big bonuses, and big swings = lots of fun.
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18 Aug 2011
Reviewed by CiscoKid  Perfect
Love it as it has a fast turn over and domino effect, just don't be on the losing end!
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