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26 Jan 2011
Reviewed by Beastlymaster  Average
Good board. Played right, you can be very lucky, or very unlucky. Hard to have a huge strategy, but great for playing late at night when you can't sleep.
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23 Dec 2010
Reviewed by M57  Good
OK, this is not a complex yet balanced masterpiece that plays well to a number of different strategies depending on a vast array of possible positions, but it's in no way a disaster either. This board is a well executed minimalist design based on a classic catch-phrase.

Reviewers who claim that the first to strike will lose are wrong. Basically, it's a single choke-point board. Winning requires knowledge of how dice odds change based on a the size of both player's stacks. Not taking a "peak" at the bacon can cost you the game because the bonus for holding the bacon is off the charts. Waiting too long will seal your fate. I have won this game on the second turn as the aggressor. For sure, play on this board will not evolve into complicated positions requiring players to pull all of their time tested techniques out of their bag 'o tricks, but it's a very good choke-point primer ..and it's making me hungry.
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25 Jun 2010
Reviewed by Oatworm  Perfect
This is easily the best map on Wargear. The game play is a tense, exacting, demanding experience, one that will test even the strongest of nerves. Strategy is rich and rewarding, much like a slice of bacon. The graphics are simply sublime - the bacon practically leaps off your screen and into your belly, especially if you cook up a few slices and start munching between turns.

Oh, and it has bacon in it. Bacon!
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15 Jun 2010
Reviewed by Alpha  Terrible
Nothing to add, attacking first is not in your interest on this board.
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4 Jun 2010
Reviewed by Razerbadjan  Abysmal
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30 May 2010
Reviewed by Sff75  Terrible
Just wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
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13 Mar 2010
Reviewed by Naruwolf  Abysmal
No point... pretty much whoever attacks the bacon first loses...
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