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1 Aug 2017
Reviewed by redshift  Superb
The dynamics are very good in 4-man. Decision making and discipline are crucial on this board.

No loopholes since 4 Neutral units were put on Ratsy. Kudos.

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10 Mar 2014
Reviewed by Atkins  Fair
not one for me...but then I probably haven't spent enough time trying to understand it...however, nothing tempted me to come back, so that probably accounts for my marking it so low.
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12 Aug 2013
Reviewed by Willy Wonka  Fair
did not understand the board that well...
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9 Apr 2013
Reviewed by Kancercakes  Superb
I agree with most everything from Cona Chris. One bug that isn't consistent with the "About" is that the stash to Nest dice aren't correct. In the about it is "From Stash to Nest - 6vs6", but when you look on the board designer it is a1vs d0. I would like to see like 3 neutral troops on Ratsy to help with placement.

Defineately a board to play if you our tired of losing due to poor dice. Almost completely strategy.

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30 Nov 2012
Reviewed by The Cooler  Superb
I dito what Cona Chris said. If you are in to stratergy to win a game and not rely on chance than this is your board. I highly recomend it for anyone looking for a challenge.
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7 Oct 2012
Reviewed by itsnotatumor  Fair
Interesting idea, but even after reading the board info and on the Forum I still don't know for a fact which spots can be defended. Not sure I want to lose a bunch of games figuring it out...

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11 Sep 2012
Reviewed by Cona Chris  Superb
This board is very unique! There are lots of special rules, mainly you get only 3 attacks per turn (so use those "A" and "T" buttons!) and most of the attacks are automatic wins (the dice are in most cases 1 vs 0). Plan your attacks carefully. And note that since most attacks are automatic wins, think before putting 10 units to defend something which someone can wipe out 100% of the time with 3 units.

Seat order hasn't been a big factor from the games that I have been in and there is plenty of balance in terms of bonuses to go for and threatening to eliminate an opponent's "capital" (squirrel).

You always can place only 1 unit per turn... the other bonuses go onto your stack of nuts. Note that if you have more than one squirrel you get your bonuses on all stacks of nuts (double or triple bonuses)!

The only thing that I could see changing is to perhaps have some neutrals in the "Ratsy" space so that a player earlier in the turn order can't easily grab it and apply pressure on everyone else.

Before playing, make sure you read the "About" and click around on the Board Explorer to see what attacks what - you'll be glad you did.
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