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Rating: 7.75 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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13 Apr 2017
Reviewed by agwyvern  Good
Bit of a learning curve, enjoyable.
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31 Mar 2017
Reviewed by Big Skin  Good
Interesting concept. took a while to figure out what to do for a strategy.
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15 Aug 2015
Reviewed by molaar  Good
Same play-concept as Fallout. This board's smaller scope and less sense of a storyline made it not as fun. But this is very good taken on its own.
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8 Jan 2015
Reviewed by asm  Perfect
This is SUCH a good board, and criminally underappreciated. Another innovative concept from Cramchakle that seems astonishingly simple after he thinks it up. This is never not fun to play.
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21 Apr 2013
Reviewed by macro1770  Great
like it!
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8 Mar 2012
Reviewed by WorldsBestMom  Perfect
Great game to play if your completely clueless and still have a chance to whoop some pros!
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3 Sep 2011
Reviewed by DBA72  Average
the graphics could be a little more...the game play is alright. I do find myself enjoying the games that I play on this board, but something(s) just don't flow for me.
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21 Feb 2011
Reviewed by fuzzilogik  Superb
Great job. This board plays very smooth. As soon as they understand the effect of an un-secure road, it's very easy for beginners. I also love how control of the roads and vehicles allows you to transfer across the board. Good stuff!
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11 Feb 2011
Reviewed by Lykos  Good
The roads offer a nice variable to play.
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1 Jan 2011
Reviewed by Kjeld  Superb
This is an excellent map, though sadly underplayed in my opinion. Will you play it safe an horde your units in the wastelands before trying to nab that all-important bonus-granting road? Or will you play bold and recklessly, conquering everything in your path and claiming the auto-cities for your own, regardless of the cost to your bonus? Plenty of play styles can thrive on this board, and there's always the looming spectre of an upset. As Gimli noted, it's perfect for a 5-player game, but versatile enough to handle 3-7 and still be good fun. Highly recommended.
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26 Aug 2010
Reviewed by Gimli  Good
Huh... graphically it isn't as good as the American version. But for some reason things click more for me on this board. Less complex maybe.
Anyhow, a good board for 4-5. A nice, refreshing challenge with risks vs rewards being a big factor, due to negative continents.
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28 Jun 2010
Reviewed by Yertle  Great
Great board with the nice use of negative continents and horde-like structure. I agree with Mongrel in that I think I do prefer the USA version a bit more, but with this still being a great original board.
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13 Jun 2010
Reviewed by Mongrel  Good
The USA version of this map was brilliant. Can't put my finger on why this board fails in the way Fallout USA succeeds- just haven't enjoyed the layout as much. 10 for innovation, 4 for fun.
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8 Jun 2010
Reviewed by KrocK  Superb
Lots of Fun! There should be more boards like this!
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5 Jun 2010
Reviewed by RiskyBack  Superb
I DO like really much this map.
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14 May 2010
Reviewed by Capitaine  Poor
I dont like really much this map.
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