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21 Jan 2014
Reviewed by Superman  Good
Don't really know how to play.
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18 Jan 2012
Reviewed by Mad Bomber  Superb
fun board with many options and interesting bonus structure. Plan ahead and be ready to swat an airplane or 2.
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3 Jun 2011
Reviewed by Jigler  Average
Only played this one a couple times so far, so a revision may come. However, so far i just can't figure out what's going on. I'm no novice to complex boards, and this one isn't even very complex, but i seem to be generally guessing on strategy and hoping for the best. Nevertheless, the gameplay is unique and i like that. It's a good idea for sure, and the graphics are fine.
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22 May 2011
Reviewed by Skelement  Good
very interesting style
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23 Mar 2011
Reviewed by MilesTeg  Good
good times.
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23 Oct 2010
Reviewed by Mongrel  Good
There's a nice graphics update to this version that puts an extra star on my review. The board never really seems to get off the ground (absolutely a pun), but triggering an elimination cascade is always enjoyable, so long as your not on the business end of it. Must be played with intelligent, passive players, else, the odds are substantial that a player going later in the turn order is decimated/eliminated before taking a turn. Owning Kong is fun.
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4 Oct 2010
Reviewed by Oatworm  Great
It's a Risky classic. Now if only I could figure out how to play the danged thing...
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1 Sep 2010
Reviewed by samsams4545  Perfect
awesome board
i love it
need the perfect strategy to win
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19 Aug 2010
Reviewed by rubbermonkey  Great
i love this board
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17 Aug 2010
Reviewed by darklord  Superb
What can I say more than Yertle ? Just that the gameplay is good and the design is really good.
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22 Jul 2010
Reviewed by Jlive  Good
an interesting board that needs to be tested a few times
may be too many planes
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19 Jul 2010
Reviewed by Yertle  Superb
Great quick board with fun elimination style gameplay. Don't move too fast, don't move too slow, play for some of the bonuses, use Kong when needed and eliminate others whenever possible! Movement around the board is fun and requires some planning, bonuses play great and just an overall excellent board!
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