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13 Feb 2019
Reviewed by SpyYoshiRv  Superb
This map made me so nostalgic as i was making constant mazes and mazes during a point in my life.

Not only im enjoying playing this board, but it also involves quite a heavy ammount of strategy, because of the numerous corridors you have to navigate to reach even the most remote places. its incredible.
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28 Sep 2018
Reviewed by Oldtimer  Great
I enjoy playing on this board.
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26 Feb 2018
Reviewed by Mad Bomber  Perfect
Bra....so bomb, this guy knows how to make a board. The variety of scenarios… Unreal. The card scale, the starting bonus, the added cards that you start with, perfect. No gray in the colors so there's no miscommunication with who is neutral.
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9 Jan 2018
Reviewed by skazai  Superb
Love the different sizes & different designs for every size!
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12 Dec 2017
Reviewed by Pratik  Good
Fun board! Good design.

An added bonus is the options of different sizes. You can choose depending on whether you like small/medium/large sized boards.

Game progresses quite fast, since everyone starts with a few cards.
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12 Oct 2017
Reviewed by Litotes  Great
Very good board, I enjoyed all my games on it so far. I recommend playing with fog.
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10 Nov 2015
Reviewed by H2O-YEAH  Great
foggy maze was a challenge!
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26 Jul 2015
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Great
I like this one almost as much as Cretan Minotaur. Very strategic board, with several different custom boards to vary the complexity of the game. As Dr Gobbel says, mazes are just fun!
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1 Mar 2014
Reviewed by Big Skin  Great
Definitely like this one with fog. Challenging!
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29 Jan 2014
Reviewed by Dr Gobbel Unrated
Mazes are just fun, especialy foggy ones :p
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24 Jan 2014
Reviewed by ratsy  Good
These are great fun. Their simple, and to the point, and fun. Better with some fog. IMHO

The strategy is as simple as you'd think, and if you have lots of players, the elimination cascade can be huge, watch out for it!
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1 Jul 2013
Reviewed by Levowsky  Great
better without fog
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20 May 2013
Reviewed by Pappy  Superb
Love the maze maps
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19 Mar 2013
Reviewed by Mister  Superb
Only with a good plan, you can!!
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23 Oct 2012
Reviewed by floorcheese  Great
This one is just plain fun. One of these days I may even win a game...
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18 Sep 2012
Reviewed by itsnotatumor  Good
Still on the fence about maze maps.
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15 Jun 2012
Reviewed by Jigler  Great
I'm not one to rate maze boards very high, just due to their simplicity and lack of graphic appeal. This one falls in line with this description as well. The reason i'm bumping this one up to 8 stars is due to the variety of scenarios. Want to play a maze board? This is your one-stop-shop.
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19 Feb 2012
Reviewed by river  Superb
I like building my own maze. As always, mazes are fun.
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24 Dec 2011
Reviewed by Luieuil  Great
Fun board to play. Lots of armies in play. Hard to figure out where the defences of the opposing players are located, because they can be moved very quickly.
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21 Nov 2011
Reviewed by BorisTheFrugal  Superb
Sometimes hard to decipher the interconnections between sides of the board, but the ingenuity of an ever changing map is fantastic. The game can easily be won early if you make the right moves to lock in a home base. Better as a team map.
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