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6 Feb 2022
Reviewed by Guderian65  Good
Good but Starting position matters
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10 Jun 2021
Reviewed by asm  Bad
Not a fan, unfortunately. Tactically and strategically it's interesting for different group sizes and settings, but basic problems with the board image keep this one from being enjoyable for me. Two main issues: First, the territory outline style means there's a small 'gap' between all territories, even the ones that connect, which means it can be very hard to tell when the gap you're looking at means two territories DON'T border. I find myself frequently having to check the board explorer and being disappointed. Second, the background. Yertle, what were you thinking? The lime 'glow' can be very confusing when a player has chosen lime, and likewise with the black. In a non fog game with black and lime both selected it's VERY hard to see at a glance what's happening.

It plays fine though.
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19 Aug 2014
Reviewed by Levowsky  Fair
complicate board
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16 Mar 2012
Reviewed by DavidAlbright  Average
Fun board. Key is to get the small continent bonuses and then build. Starting position plays a big part.
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1 Nov 2011
Reviewed by Garistotle  Superb
love this board as 2v2v2, due to the continents being large it takes awhile to get bonuses rolling.
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8 Oct 2011
Reviewed by Jigler  Average
Not one of my favorite Yertle boards by any means, but it's good. Graphics are good -- i would think Yertle would do something more fancy for the Star Ports, but no biggie. This board take a little while to get started on due to large continents. It's fun though :)
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10 May 2011
Reviewed by corvo013  Great
fun board. Prob best with max 6 players.
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18 Feb 2011
Reviewed by Oatworm  Good
It's a fun board. Not an "instant classic", but definitely playable.
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11 Sep 2010
Reviewed by KrocK  Good
Its a fun board to play now and then.
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