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18 Oct 2018
Reviewed by Levowsky  Good
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22 Jun 2012
Reviewed by floorcheese  Average
Maybe I'm just a weenie, but big open board spaces are kind of boring to me. Not a compelling map, but the graphics are fairly well executed.
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2 Sep 2011
Reviewed by Jigler  Good
this is a good one. I like the ships, although they make it difficult to come from behind and hold a continent. I like that the ship placement is on the mast -- never seen that before. Easy concepts, fun play, good look.
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1 Sep 2011
Reviewed by BorisTheFrugal  Great
The board plays and looks great. The boats look amazing, and I like their placement making many people fight over them.
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9 Aug 2011
Reviewed by WCS1999  Good
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