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Rating: 7.36 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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2 Aug 2019
Reviewed by totti  Good
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16 Nov 2017
Reviewed by Kaaz Mun  Average
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25 Mar 2014
Reviewed by Pappy  Good
had fun the times I've played
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7 Mar 2012
Reviewed by DavidAlbright  Good
Really good for varied play strategies, but the graphics really throw me off... It's hard to figure out the bonuses, etc. I found that the GFX-version of this map is MUCH better graphically - the borders are much easier to see.
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19 Feb 2012
Reviewed by river  Great
Great map. Good choke points and lots of bonuses.
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4 Sep 2011
Reviewed by DBA72  Great
fun, fun, fun!
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21 Apr 2011
Reviewed by Lock Step  Fair
it is a very hard board to see where you get your bonuses, even though there are plenty of them. it is a game set up for a long battle and a good plan. it takes some skill to win this one.
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11 Feb 2011
Reviewed by Lykos  Great
Fun to play. Great rendition with a few additions.
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27 Jan 2011
Reviewed by Jigler  Great
Great board. Looks absolutely perfect -- awesome graphics. love how the country is outlined by player color. It was a solid board. Classic style of play. Great!
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10 Nov 2010
Reviewed by Paulville  Perfect
I like it!! It`s a different way to understand borders!!
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26 Oct 2010
Reviewed by ecko  Good
Interesting board. Very complicated to create an edge on it.
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