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25 Mar 2022
Reviewed by Guderian65  Perfect
One of my favs
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1 Dec 2021
Reviewed by BlitzKrieg9  Perfect
My favorite board. I love the bonuses and the construction of it. Perfect.
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21 Jun 2021
Reviewed by asm  Good
Well executed basic geo board. Few chokepoints, large continents. Appropriate card scale. Better with fog of course. Good for teams and large groups. Borders and bonuses are clear. Nice clean graphics. I was gonna rate 6 and then I wrote this and I was like "actually, yeah, everything about this board is basically... good." So, 7.
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3 Jul 2020
Reviewed by zdisabled_b0c46970  Average
OK board.
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9 Jan 2019
Reviewed by SpyYoshiRv  Good
Just your average beginner map.
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21 Feb 2017
Reviewed by Litotes  Good
Nice board, without really bringing in anything new.
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26 Jul 2015
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Average
Interesting map, just not enough territories for my liking, which gives a lot of weight to initial territory placement
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6 Mar 2015
Reviewed by Brutal Steel  Good
I enjoyed this one
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12 Jan 2015
Reviewed by Atkins  Great
have only played it once, but liked it when I did...going to try this more.
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5 Aug 2014
Reviewed by Angela  Average
It's OK. I played 1 vs 1 and not sure it's well designed for that scenario.
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23 May 2014
Reviewed by abesilver  Average
this board is alright, but it's hard to establish clear battlefronts due to the fact that it's easy to get into the continents from anywhere on the board, and there are a lot of massive continents but only a couple little ones
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25 Mar 2014
Reviewed by Pappy  Good
fun to play
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15 Mar 2013
Reviewed by Levowsky  Good
Tablero complicado
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28 Jul 2012
Reviewed by akayu  Superb
great board. love it!
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22 Jun 2012
Reviewed by Professor Falken  Superb
love it!
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21 Jun 2012
Reviewed by Yacoubean  Superb
I love the concept of playing on the top of the world. :)
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11 Apr 2012
Reviewed by Cyrano  Average
Interesting, if somewhat confusing, map.
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18 Oct 2011
Reviewed by KingCory  Good
Unbalanced board but lots of options for attack
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8 Jun 2011
Reviewed by zdisabled_558c3c0b  Fair
Basic board, overly favors battling in the east. Bonuses distributed in an interesting fashion.
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3 Jun 2011
Reviewed by Jigler  Average
average board. I enjoy it and it looks fine. Nothing flashy and no special gameplay. Good for team play and for beginners. Fun stuff :)
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