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16 May 2023
Reviewed by tatetangina  Superb
Absolutely love this board! There is one bug - sorry not sure where to write this. While all other "countries" have a limit over 20, Forodwaich has a limit of 20. It's the only place that has a limit of 20, so I figured it was a bug. Thanks!
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9 Jan 2023
Reviewed by Withlimit  Perfect
Excellent map. I play only this board for years! I am lord of the rings fun and I like it!
It's exactly the same with the LOTR board game from the known company.

Perfect job! Thanks in advance!
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3 Dec 2021
Reviewed by BlitzKrieg9  Great
good board.
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10 Dec 2018
Reviewed by sgtbadass  Great
1 fortify limit is annoying, but outside of that, a very fun board.
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16 Feb 2018
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Fair
I'm a fan of Lord of the Rings, and wanted to like this board more, but I didn't enjoy it too much
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14 Feb 2018
Reviewed by Bobbylon  Fair
Appearance is rather confusing. Way too hackly continental borders, especially towards the Misty Mountains. Zigzags make it hard to orientate which is whose. Even apart from that it would have been far more visually appealing without them. Then borders within continents are black. If a player chooses black colour then borders become indistinguishable. Should have picked a neutral colour or forbid players choosing black. Mordor is too heavily and easily defended. It should be open from the East or SE.
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12 Oct 2017
Reviewed by Litotes  Average
OK board. Like others have said more fortifications would help, and repeating card scale + terrs with defensive advantage can easily lead to long stalemates.
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4 May 2017
Reviewed by Bronxbrawlers  Superb
Quite a fun board. I agree with Sirdakka, increasing the number of fortifications would help out due to how territories are laid out.
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20 Oct 2016
Reviewed by sirdakka  Superb
Double fortification in normal play would improve this I feel, and light fog shouldn't be the default - can descend into a boring stalemate scenario with complete lack of flexibility due to troop caps.

Nevertheless, great fun 4-6 man medium fog imo
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15 Aug 2016
Reviewed by S13  Good
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12 Dec 2015
Reviewed by IRsmart  Good
It's not a bad board. But there is tendency to get into an everlasting stalemate for longer games. The territory unit limits and enclosed continents dont help this.
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21 Jul 2015
Reviewed by Morgoth  Great
Nice emulation of the LOTR Risk board.
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13 Feb 2015
Reviewed by asm  Average
Just not fun in any way. A big board full of seeming random continents, very few choke points or defensible positions, sprinkled with territories that have dice advantages just to slow things down even further. The repeating card scale makes for interminable games - you just sit and wait for someone to screw up or someone else to get lucky.
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12 Nov 2014
Reviewed by Brademonium  Great
Fun, balanced board based off an actual LOTR Risk board. The ability to attack by sea makes things more interesting.
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24 Oct 2014
Reviewed by OneLegLenny  Poor
This rating is mostly based of a 2p game. This is a "first turn win" map with only 2 players. Maybe it's more fun with more players.
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9 Sep 2014
Reviewed by Carnage Unrated
Great board. Well balanced continents and choke points; multiple strategies. Based on the Risk LOTR game. Author did a good job adapting the rules to WarGear.
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13 May 2014
Reviewed by Gabe  Superb
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28 Apr 2013
Reviewed by Big Skin  Superb
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