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26 Jul 2020
Reviewed by thinkpol  Superb
Hella fun, especially with heavy fog.
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20 Dec 2019
Reviewed by Templaribus  Perfect
One of my favourite boards. It triggers imagination! We can really feel like scalating rocks in a very unique scenario. No continents, just picking territories and going up the hill. Gravity works because upper stages of the mountain defend with advantage sided dice against lower stages.
It works fine with Medium Fog, just as recommended by the designer (M57), but Light Fog also fits. Total fog may bring oppressive blindness.
It seems we are in a fresh foggy morning up in the mountains. And when we reach the peak of a mountain we see above the fog. So unique! :D
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4 Dec 2017
Reviewed by chessdirector  Poor
Difficult to view the levels clearly.
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29 Apr 2017
Reviewed by sirdakka  Great
Nice concept, fun board
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25 Mar 2017
Reviewed by Big Skin  Poor
I like this concept, but the graphics do not make the different levels clear for me - particularly in a fogged game. There is a glitch in some of the views particularly on the lower right (I brought it up to the designer but no action was taken). I understand the fog and concept of visibility, but I should have been able to view how many armies my opponent had on a level adjacent and immediately below me. I saw it on some adjacent and lower territories, but not others. This gave a big advantage to my opponent. That doesn't make the game fun.
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17 Jan 2017
Reviewed by Korrun  Superb
Just started playing this board recently. Shouldn't have waited so long. Lots of fun both for FFA and team games. Only thing I don't like is the difficulty in seeing the borders in some areas of the map.
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2 Oct 2016
Reviewed by Levowsky  Great
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13 Sep 2016
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Perfect
Super board. Lots of strategy. This review is only after 1 losing game.
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17 May 2016
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Perfect
Fantastic concept and design! If I were to change one thing it would be to make it a bigger map to have more strategy options, but then it wouldn't be the same, would it? It does need more clarity with the borders, which are only clear when not using the player. Fun multi-player board.
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31 Oct 2015
Reviewed by spenserroger1  Superb
This is really a great board. So much suspense!
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20 Jun 2015
Reviewed by ratsy  Great
I really like this board. It's just what you would hope. Take the mountains to get an edge, defend the mountains to keep it.

The balance between getting up the mountain and keeping the mountain is good, and hats off to the creator for using units caps and dice mods - and getting it right.

It's tons of fun, but the initial battle against the neutral units drives me crazy. I understand the need for it, but ugh! I don't that grey determining my game before it starts.

Other than that, great board! Well done.
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20 Jun 2015
Reviewed by Abishai  Great
This is a really fun board and I will definitely make my rounds back to this board semi frequently. I think this map is best with medium or heavy fog, although total fog would be a cool twist.
I don't know if I can make the statement, "the board is imbalaced," but the center mountain is LOADED with bonuses. More than one would think. Let's say you had only the right portion of the center mountain, level 2 and up.This would include "Center level 2-4" --> "2-11" and the level 3 and 4 peaks that are adjacent to those. This is less than half the central mountain, territory wise, but you would have more bonuses then someone in control of the entire NE and NNE mountains. That being said your strategy should include either gunning for the center mountain or keeping in check the player who has, especially on games with 6 or less.
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22 Apr 2015
Reviewed by Carnage  Superb
really fun board. Head up the mountain.
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8 Dec 2014
Reviewed by Brademonium  Great
Enjoyed the whole King of the Hill concept and the limitations you had with the amount of troops per territory as you go higher up. This makes for some interesting strategies.
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20 Jun 2013
Reviewed by Gill  Great
Very fun board. The center will almost always win the game if only one goes for it initially, but in larger numbers, the board plays very even. Simple game, but always entertaining.
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1 Feb 2013
Reviewed by Quazimoto  Superb
Even if you do not realize it, there is a strategy to this board. You have to look at different aspects of it to play it well. Good board.
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6 Dec 2012
Reviewed by Jigler  Good
This is a good board. Simple and unique and strategic. Graphic design is fine. It certainly is effective for revealing height and connection. Try this one out!
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31 Aug 2012
Reviewed by Slander  Superb
Classic king of the hill grab game, with good limits and bonuses that even out the play. Always fun to fight it out on this board.
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10 Jul 2012
Reviewed by corvo013  Superb
Simple and direct rules for gaining units. All units start on main level, not giving random players the early advantage.
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17 Oct 2011
Reviewed by Ben Dover  Great
Very fun, innovative yet simple.
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