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19 Feb 2021
Reviewed by Pratik  Superb
Great implementation of the Hex strategy game. 2nd player choose version is recommended (as first player has an advantage in the other version). Lots of strategy, and no luck involved at all.
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23 Jan 2020
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Superb
Another pure strategy board. I enjoy Octagons more at this moment, but this one is quite a pleasure as well!
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16 Mar 2017
Reviewed by Litotes  Great
A fun game, nicely implemented
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24 Jan 2014
Reviewed by ratsy  Superb
It's exactly Hex! A great game of pure strategy, with an amazing mix of both tactics and overarching grand strategy.

You have to stay on top of both what's happening in your immediate proximity and across the board as a whole.

My only quibble, and it's a small one, is that I wish it looked a little nicer. Although I don't know what I want there.

Superb board!
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6 Jul 2013
Reviewed by solo  Perfect
Awesomely fun game.
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8 Mar 2013
Reviewed by btilly  Superb
A very good rendition of a very fun game. My only quibble is that it is (as described) not Risk, and therefore is a shock to the system.

I really wish that it was possible to play this without having it count either way towards your global rating. It really does bear no relation to the other boards on this site.
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7 Feb 2013
Reviewed by CydeWeys  Superb
A perfect rendition of an amazing puzzle/board game. As the description says, it's not Risk. What it is is an oppositional pure logic game that does not rely on luck at all. If you lose, it's entirely your fault, like Chess. As such it makes a nice break from playing Risk, because in Risk, no matter how well you play, sometimes the dice just don't go your way.
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