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30 Nov 2013
Reviewed by zdisabled_d765cf3b  Good
I've only played this once, so it's new to me.
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23 Apr 2012
Reviewed by MilesTeg  Fair
Not bad. Dice are too large of a factor, though.
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28 Feb 2012
Reviewed by BlackDog  Good
Now that the big loophole is closed this map plays very nicely. Dueling maps in general are tough, and like the rest this one comes down to luck most of the time. However it does a decent job of requiring strategy in how you plan your attacks, and overall it is a fairly unique board.
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13 Feb 2012
Reviewed by Cona Chris  Good
I've played the "fixed" (a.k.a. "not easy opening") version. This is a very enjoyable dueling map. I initially thought the Rebels have the advantage, but after playing many times feel that this map is well balanced. It can seem like the Empire is screwed after the first turn, but they have a +10 bonus that is well guarded.

You have limited attacks, so remember to use "A" and "T"! It can also be confusing as to what attacks what, so always check your plan for the turn to make sure what you think attacks what actually does.

The game is usually fast paced, and therefore the dice can play a huge factor, but always remember if you get killed on a turn, don't despair - the dice can just as easily do the same to your opponent.
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26 Nov 2010
Reviewed by Rad-Warrior  Average
I like the Board, but I don't like how the Dice can win you the game or lose it for you!! I will say this its a fun board, but dont think it will be an easy win.
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10 Oct 2010
Reviewed by river  Good
This is a good map. I think it still needs work. Maybe give darth a defense bonus. Or up the neutrals in the trench? Maybe a bigger bonus for the port, so the empire has more troops in the beginning. All in all, a great concept.
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2 Oct 2010
Reviewed by Paulville  Average
I think an experieced player can defeat easily a rookie if the rookie play second!
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23 Aug 2010
Reviewed by rubbermonkey  Average
i have not played this much.. however, it is a complex board and doesnt seem to be well balanced...
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22 Jul 2010
Reviewed by Mongrel  Good
I never played the "easy opening" version, but I can attest that the latest version has no easy win for the first player. There's a good amount of bonus breaking/retaking that goes on, and that part is really great. As always with limited attacks/fortifies, planning is essential. The idea behind the game is great and is implemented well.

As to dice deciding it, when the average game is only a few rounds, it's just more noticeable, so I don't fault the board for that, though it takes away considerably from replay value as an optimal strategy emerges.

The layout is very "tangled" and a board become less intuitive with each edge crossing. This board has lots of edge crossings, and I like intuitive board layouts.

Well done on the fix, nice board!
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17 Jul 2010
Reviewed by Alpha  Great
This board had an issue originally that has been sufficiently resolved (the game now plays completely differently). The board is a great idea and is a great dueling map. It has a generally easy to understand game-play and strategy, (once you understand the board), but the luck of the dice and the opponent you face can make things interesting. I enjoy playing this board and recommend playing a few matches before coming to a conclusion as things can be confusing in the beginning.
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13 Jul 2010
Reviewed by Seige07  Poor
I love the design, but after playing a few games on the 'fixed' map I still see a large advantage for the first player. If they play optimally, it takes some really bad rolls on their part and some God like dice along with perfect strategy on the empire's side. Really wish I had a good suggestion to balance this board as I think it looks really good. Also wish there was a little better visual as to what can reinforce to where. Gets confusing in the middle of the game.
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13 Jul 2010
Reviewed by Oatworm  Good
Good news! The latest iteration is, near as anyone can tell thus far, not fundamentally broken, meaning there isn't a set of moves that a player can make that guarantees victory, regardless of luck or opponent skill. That's a good thing - it means you're not playing the same set of game moves over and over again, either as the winner or the whipping boy.

I've edited my review to "Good" to acknowledge RiskyBack's efforts on that. I'm in the middle of a tournament on the latest version of this board, so, if the results hold up, I'll move my rating up to where I'd like it to be.
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2 Jun 2010
Reviewed by MegaBoobsMcgee  Terrible
I know I'm not the only one to play this board and think .. WTF?!? NEXT
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30 Apr 2010
Reviewed by zdisabled_7e11a34b  Good
fun, but if you figure it out it's over in turn one 100% of the time.
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27 Apr 2010
Reviewed by Razerbadjan  Fair
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25 Mar 2010
Reviewed by dongalino  Poor
Missing a crucial element of the original WF board. It is too easy for the first player to attack from falcon to Darth and then to Red4 the second ship from the Exhaust Port. Then to simply walk in on the port. The game is over after turn number one. Granted if player #1 has moderately bad luck he will fail but with average luck Player one wins the game in one turn. Either Red4 and Red5 need more neutrals (7 on Red4 and 10 on Red5) to start the game or Darth should not be able to attack the trench any further up then Red3 or even Red2. This would hinder the decision for player #1 to "go for it" on turn #1 and would add a lot more strategy to this map. The WF map is a bit more balanced. I've got to give it a poor rating since I'm sure I can win from position #1 80-90%. As long as I can avoid bad luck. I can say that this map it GREAT fun, when it is more balanced and would definitely get a 8+ star rating with a minor change.
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28 Jan 2010
Reviewed by Yertle  Superb
Not for beginners! Tough to get a quick understanding of this map, but it is an excellent map! Wonderful gameplay and very well thought out and implemented.
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27 Jan 2010
Reviewed by Magpie  Superb
Lot's of fun, just do your homework and explore the map before you play. Rebels have a very strong opening strategy available at the moment, but overall the map is pretty balanced. Very much a strategic game the requires thinking outside the box. Also very fast, no room for mistakes! One of my favorites.
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21 Jan 2010
Reviewed by Kjeld  Great
A great dueling map, lots of fun, and excellent graphics. Don't get discouraged if you're the dark side -- the game has plenty of room for twists and turns, so concentrate on taking out your opponent's bonuses, make good use of your two fortifies, and remember that the Falcon and Darth Vader usually determine the game!
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