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29 Jun 2020
Reviewed by zdisabled_b0c46970  Perfect
Loved this board, it's one of my favorite. Great for 6-8 player games.
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8 Mar 2019
Reviewed by SpyYoshiRv  Average
It's a good board, but not the best representation of a balanced USA. while New England's problem is solved with the coastline issue, that leaves the West intact, and owning the entire west rewards you with as many units as NE. plus its very solid defenses consolidate it as the powerhouse of the map.

Non-foggy games are also very ridiculous and stalling, as 90% of the clear games i've spótted theres always 4-5 people having almost 500 units each. Do not recommend for No Fog, works well with Medium+ fog.
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12 Nov 2018
Reviewed by Shoelace  Good
Interesting map and the concept provides a fun way to build in bonuses. In most of my plays the swing state idea doesn't seem to materialize as I think it is hoped ("battleground" hotspot). Mid-game isn't great -- escalation to the late game is pretty quick.
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5 Jun 2018
Reviewed by Levowsky  Great
good board
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18 Mar 2018
Reviewed by Ofalan96  Perfect
Fantastic board, my favorite by far.
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29 Jun 2015
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Average
Great concept, but somehow I didn't like the layout or color choices. These are relatively minor issues, but I tend to go with board I like visually, and this one didn't jive with me. I also agree with Cooler's comments below on swing states.
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16 Jun 2015
Reviewed by Quazimoto  Superb
Good board, simple but can be challenging.
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13 Mar 2015
Reviewed by Isfelt  Great
Really enjoy this board in fog or not
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5 Nov 2014
Reviewed by ogg  Superb
Great board! There are a lot of different strategies available and the board is well balanced. The swing states adds an interesting dimension as well.
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24 Jan 2014
Reviewed by Big Skin  Superb
Really like this map. Good options!
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21 Jan 2014
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Poor
just ok
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19 Nov 2013
Reviewed by itsnotatumor  Superb
I love this map. Excellent take on a USA map. Lots of options. Swing states definitely influence game play. Sea attacks open up the NE choke points. Extremely different game play based on the fog level.
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2 Oct 2013
Reviewed by Cona Chris  Good
This is a very fun map, the swing states are a great touch and add more strategy to the game. I like the pictures of the Presidents as well.

Generally, those that establish a strong foothold in the West or Northeast seem to win much more often than not. It's very hard to win if you build up somewhere else.
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30 May 2013
Reviewed by Zbynja  Great
like it! thanks
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22 Feb 2013
Reviewed by The Berninator  Good
Fun board. I agree about the 270.
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23 Dec 2012
Reviewed by chessdirector  Great
The swing state idea adds an element of strategy. I think the idea of holding 270 for a full round to win would be good.
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26 Nov 2012
Reviewed by The Cooler  Average
I'm not sure about the swing state idea. It ends up creating holes in the map because they are so hard to defend. I like the concept of the Electorial College and would love to see it reflect the actual # of electorial votes available ie depicting all congressional districts or change the numbers awarded to reflect that states electorial prize. I would also love to see the game determined by getting and holding the magic 270 for a full round to win the game. Everyone then has a chance to prevent the going over the top. Otherwise this is just a more advance version of the "Battle of the States" boards.
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