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19 Apr 2022
Reviewed by Abraham the Mage  Good
Nice board, but only for games with 4/5 players and up.
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2 Mar 2022
Reviewed by gladiator  Perfect
Best board on the platform.
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18 Feb 2022
Reviewed by Guderian65  Good
Good board
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24 Nov 2021
Reviewed by BlitzKrieg9  Good
Good board, good for many players.
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19 Jan 2021
Reviewed by ULSAR  Great
Good board, but some connections could be edited, such as single connections like sri lanka etc
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17 Jan 2021
Reviewed by Karellen  Perfect
The best board, we have been playing this almost exclusively for the last 8 years. Especially suitable for team games.
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9 Oct 2020
Reviewed by Hozza  Fair
ok board
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28 Sep 2020
Reviewed by Da Champ  Good
Massive. Too big for my taste.
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24 Aug 2020
Reviewed by Mikaloeb  Perfect
Classic style. Good for larger group games.
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23 Jun 2020
Reviewed by zdisabled_b0c46970  Superb
Loved this board, just one concern is that it's hard to tell how to get from one territory to the next in some cases.
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4 Apr 2020
Reviewed by BlueFinKilla  Superb
One of the more recognizable and played boards on the site. I really like how well made the map is, colors, layouts, countries, etc.
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2 Apr 2020
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Perfect
I love this board, it's one of my favorites. One the minus side, the two-player format is not balanced enough for the 2nd player, and I really don't like the scenarios without history. On the plus side, the multi-player game is a lot of fun, specially in fogged games where you have to develop a well-planned strategy to take over the world. Despite the 2 issues mentioned above, I think this is a perfect board!
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17 Jan 2020
Reviewed by M57  Average
A beautiful and well-designed board. I'd bump this up from 6 Stars to 7 when a 2-player (and preferably 3-player) scenario has been created to at least and give the first player less than the 66/33 advantage that (s)he currently enjoys in the 2-player game and the 40% advantage (s)he enjoys in the 3 player game.

But that's not it's fatal flaw.. the one that cost it two more points.. It needs a card progression that doesn't turn large player games into epic months long psuedo-stalemates. I'd actually play this board if it had cards that could force action. The 5,5,5.. cards favor turtles, and the 5,6,7,...18, 5,6,7,18 is not much better.
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27 Jul 2019
Reviewed by Frankenspoof2  Superb
One of my favourite boards.
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26 Jun 2019
Reviewed by Frysian barbarian  Perfect
Exciting board. Lot's of strategic possibilities. I also like the fact that the bonusses remain the same so the focus is on planning instead of getting as many cards as possible.
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4 May 2019
Reviewed by SpyYoshiRv  Average
After more playing, this board is falling out of its league over the recent years. It's still great and all, but the biggest problem i found with it is that every time i check the history, its always messed up for me. I avoid this board as much as i can.
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3 Apr 2019
Reviewed by totti  Great
pretty fun
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21 Sep 2018
Reviewed by RonMexico  Great
Good size and game play, but the cards need to accelerate, otherwise games can go stale
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12 Jun 2018
Reviewed by hootz72  Superb
Too much fun to be had on just one map, no matter the scenario. Well done!
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2 Apr 2018
Reviewed by SillyBastard  Fair
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