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16 Nov 2015
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Average
Good and different
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19 Feb 2015
Reviewed by Bananko  Superb
Very interesting board... ..and fun too...
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23 Mar 2014
Reviewed by Levowsky  Average
Difficult map
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27 Feb 2014
Reviewed by Kancercakes  Good
Everyone knows Monopoly so it is very relatable. Bonus structure is a bit hard to manage or build troops. Games seem to go quickly the few times I have played it. Seem to take each other out prior to getting very far in the board. Maybe increase the bonuses for owning all 3 of any territories to make them worth while, since protecting them can be difficult. This way games could go a few more rounds prior to wiping out the players after the 2nd or 3rd round.
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6 Dec 2013
Reviewed by Chinnie  Perfect
Surprisingly fun
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29 Mar 2013
Reviewed by kcoopey  Superb
Once you read the rules, and once you figure out the way to move around the map, there is a surprising amount of depth here. looking forward to trying a different strategy next time.
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19 Mar 2013
Reviewed by Mister  Perfect
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11 Jan 2013
Reviewed by Mad Bomber  Perfect
There is nothing I don,t like about this board.....so many ways to play it
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26 Dec 2012
Reviewed by JPjones  Great
I've only played one match of this. On a fogged board. Because most of the board is fogged, it's not so easy to figure out how it all works! But definitely a nice throwback.
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25 Dec 2012
Reviewed by Dr Gobbel  Perfect
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2 Dec 2011
Reviewed by Jigler  Great
I really like the gameplay of this board, it's a lot of fun. Graphics are good enough for me, nothing flashy. I wish it was a little easier to pick up on the bonus structure. even after two long games, i don't feel really comfortable with the bonuses. It's a little complicated, but i would try it out for sure!
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28 Sep 2011
Reviewed by MilesTeg  Superb
Love this board just as much as its bigger brother.
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