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20 Jul 2023
Reviewed by BulbaBulba  Perfect
My favorite dice-based 1v1 map. Initial board setup favors the Americans, but a skilled player can win from either side. There is a learning curve (takes 5 or so reps to learn the ropes) - I am happy to play any new players privately if you want to try it out. The gameplay is incredibly dynamic and each game is unique.
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16 Nov 2021
Reviewed by BlitzKrieg9  Bad
i did not understand how to use this board at all. it did not make a whole lot of sense how it worked
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27 Mar 2021
Reviewed by zdisabled_4a7acc77  Poor
Unique programming not easy to understand though.
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4 Jun 2017
Reviewed by Big Skin  Abysmal
I like the unique design and the need to develop unique strategies. My only issue lies with the dice luck. I fully understand the advantages/disadvantages each terrain or type of territory presents. Even so, there are extreme dice swings which are great when you are on the good side of it, but just suck when you're on the bad side.
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19 Jan 2017
Reviewed by hootz72  Superb
Incredible duel board, strategies to learn. Terrain and dice play a significant role on this board. If you are lucky enough to play against someone with the same skill level it becomes an epic battle.
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19 Jan 2017
Reviewed by sirdakka  Perfect
Exquisite game play, great wealth of strategic opportunities, my new favorite board!
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30 May 2016
Reviewed by ratsy  Great
I'm giving this an 8 for Great. I think it's worth more than that, except for the learning curve.

There are two distinct ways to win this board (one for each color) and tons of ways to draw out the conflict forever or lose.

I really like the way the artillery is set up, the layout of the board, the unique win conditions and the overall feel of the map.

It's fun to play. It's a unique challenge, and there are lots of players out there that are at all levels of good/bad at it.

It's not so strategic that the dice don't matter, but you probably won't lose or win due to dice alone.

The map however, does have distinct victory strategies, and you can play alot of games trying to learn what they are. Of course the strategy is different for red and for blue, so initial setup will dramatically affect ones approach to the board.

Overall, I really like the board - I really like the implementation, theme and mechanic. I think the games are all lots of fun.

I'm less keen on the one or maybe two ways to win - and the many, many losses it takes to get em figured.
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11 Apr 2016
Reviewed by chessdirector  Good
Fun, but the luck of the dice still seems too important.
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26 Nov 2015
Reviewed by TheLion  Perfect
I love this game. I have not found out the strategy to win, but will keep trying.
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9 Jun 2015
Reviewed by Mad Max  Average
Has great potential once the bonus reinforcement is fixed to comply with the instructions. Heavily favors the Americans after a few turns. A Patton style mobile offensive is key if the British are to have a chance (at least until the bonus reinforcements is fixed). It is possible to win as the British but one wonders if that only happens due to the newness of a American player. All said an interesting game and reflects the fact that the Americans only lost Washington due to their poor defense until their reinforcements could out number and push back the Brits. A much higher rating would be given to a more balanced game.
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2 Jun 2015
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Perfect
Love this board, very strategic and interesting design. It's important to learn what the dice odds are for each kind of attack. Then you map out an initial strategy to stop the British or plow through the American defense, and there are different ways of doing each one. Protect the bridges, use hills, woods to your advantage, and change your strategy when you have a new opening
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28 May 2015
Reviewed by LucklessRabbit  Great
Pretty fun board and has many strategies one could use. I have played it only a few times and I love it.
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22 May 2015
Reviewed by Vyro  Superb
a shame to see this board's rating drop because one lacked the effort to learn it properly. berickf's review is spot on.

a couple detractions for an awesome board:
opening theory seems pretty limited. the opening seems very automatic, and the responses that follow are mainly determined by the luck of your dice rolls
long games favor americans? granted it hasn't been a huge sample size, but the americans seem to run away with it if the game goes on long enough
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10 May 2015
Reviewed by LosVoyAJoderATodos  Abysmal
crazy board, impossible to understand
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21 Apr 2015
Reviewed by berickf  Superb
Pretty accurately replicates the feel of fighting on the field of battle during such times. From the use of terrain to the use of artillery to turn the tide of battle at pivotal moments. Fight from the elevated hills, ambush from the forests or rush down the roads with your best dice odds to accomplish your objectives. Maintain your supply lines and hold crucial spots to allow your reconnaissance to gather you important battlefield information. Just when you think you have gotten the upper hand, the 6v7 dice will give you a lesson in futility and offer up their own brand of momentum swing. Do you rush your objectives or cut your opponent off at the knees by crippling their supply. These are the decisions you'll have to make as you attempt to win the Battle of Bladensburg!
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20 Apr 2015
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Perfect
Excellently designed board. Very well thought out.
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19 Apr 2015
Reviewed by Xrayjay  Perfect
What a great board. It really feels like a battle...a desperate fight to keep the British from crossing the river, then a back and forth pitched battle over the high ground and artillery firing at the enemy across the river. Fun.
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