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21 Apr 2020
Reviewed by ogg  Superb
A very well designed board. A variety of possible strategies.
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29 Apr 2017
Reviewed by sirdakka  Average
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15 Jan 2017
Reviewed by S13  Average
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10 May 2016
Reviewed by Eleazar  Perfect
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18 Mar 2016
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Superb
Super board. Players use different strategies. To attack or not to attack. That is the question.
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17 Mar 2016
Reviewed by ratsy  Great
I find this board a lot of fun!

I love how it's designed around the abandon/fog mechanics and I like the layout. There was some real though put into what should connect to where.

The downside, some of the continents are a little bit more exposed than you might think.

But that leads to a very diverse experience. Try the different scenarios - the different levels of fog and even a dual game. Every group of settings plays very differently from the others.

The graphics are unique (I did have to stare at it for a while before I understood what was going on) but everything is labeled on the board - which is nice.

This is a scrappy one!
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29 Feb 2016
Reviewed by MechaRoach  Great
Games were fun and fast...and foggy. Continents/borders need better labeling.
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11 Sep 2015
Reviewed by Albs  Good
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12 Apr 2014
Reviewed by Levowsky  Good
Mejor sin niebla
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29 Jan 2014
Reviewed by Stalinski  Good
I like the blueprint style. Takes a bit of time to suss out the borders and continents, but it's not overly difficult.
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31 Jul 2013
Reviewed by Serpentis-Lucis  Poor
Good concept, unfortunately the confusing continent structure makes this board needlessly arduous.
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20 May 2013
Reviewed by Pappy  Good
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3 Apr 2013
Reviewed by big chubs  Great
i liked it
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16 May 2012
Reviewed by Dherris Kharlan  Poor
Interesting design

Layout is unclear in places.
Names of regions on board do not map to those listed in continent dialog in some cases.
Small size + abandonment means that games can be over very quickly, which in turn means a few lucky roles or positioning early on largely determine who wins/loses.
Not suitable for a large number of players due to small size and abandonment allowed.
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29 Mar 2012
Reviewed by KillDawg  Great
Good array of special areas and defendable borders
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1 Dec 2011
Reviewed by Balinor  Good
I liked the board, but it was a little confusing at first.
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19 Oct 2011
Reviewed by Payne  Superb
Love the upgrades version
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7 Oct 2011
Reviewed by RazingAces  Great
It's a very strategic map with abandon and fog so you can run into a 0 or a 8 so watch your step.
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27 Sep 2011
Reviewed by Stickie  Great
Only played this map once, but seems to be a really cool map. Looking forward to more games so I get a better feel of it, I was pinned in the corners for most of it.
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24 Jul 2011
Reviewed by Vindicare  Superb
This map is great, Love the fog and continent set ups. Graphics are decent as well. Makes for quite an interesting game. Also was my first tourney win, so I may be horribly biased.
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