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2 May 2022
Reviewed by SillyBastard  Perfect
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22 Apr 2020
Reviewed by Litotes  Great
Great idea and board, lead to unpredictable games. Though a big prone to first-mover advantage. And it's hard to get back into it once a front runner has established himself. Still, very good overall.
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8 Apr 2016
Reviewed by Chele Nica  Great
I'm liking this board more than I thought I would. I initially didn't jive with the layout, but it does make for an interesting gameplay, with a few choke-points and a unique strategy. I don't care much for the player colors, some alternative options would be helpful. Fun game for 3 players
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2 Mar 2016
Reviewed by Babbalouie  Good
Good simple, straightforward board. Fun to play.
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27 Feb 2016
Reviewed by Eleazar  Superb
Love the originality.
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4 Jul 2014
Reviewed by ratsy  Great
This a great board. Games are about the right length, lots of interesting ways to win, and lots of chances to be sneaky.
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10 Jun 2014
Reviewed by RoyalCrown  Great
Interesting board. Not to many like this one.
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10 Mar 2014
Reviewed by Atkins  Good
only played this once or twice...would like to play it again...struggle with fogged boards, but suspect this has potential.
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5 Mar 2014
Reviewed by kofi annon  Great
funky continents.
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13 Nov 2012
Reviewed by TCurrz  Great
This board has a lot of interesting strategy behind it and the total fog definitely makes it challenging.
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17 Oct 2012
Reviewed by RespectMyAuthoritah  Superb
Love the total fog and the unique continent bonuses which create interesting strategies to be implemented throughout the game. And apparently I have an inner assassin in me as I have a knack for this board.
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6 Oct 2012
Reviewed by Pappy  Good
agreed. fun board like the fog
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28 Sep 2012
Reviewed by Solea  Great
Fun. Fog makes it frustrating, but in a good way.
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28 May 2012
Reviewed by Garfield  Good
Good use of fog.
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29 Mar 2012
Reviewed by KillDawg  Good
Crowded, quick, covert-ish
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8 Feb 2012
Reviewed by Jigler  Average
Like the board! fun stuff, looks good, plays well. Nothing outstanding, but it's solid, straightforward, and fun.
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27 Jan 2012
Reviewed by BorisTheFrugal  Great
Having to split armies to get bonuses is great. And I love the cards.
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19 Aug 2011
Reviewed by Paulville  Good
A little bit complicated, for the distance between the better bonuses chance!
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16 Jun 2011
Reviewed by corvo013  Great
Fun to play. Nice separation of additional bonuses. Forces you to spread to get the better bonuses.
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23 May 2011
Reviewed by Sff75  Great
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