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24 Jan 2021
Reviewed by GiraffeBear  Perfect
its Antastic!
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22 Jan 2021
Reviewed by TomJesus  Great
Great board and lots of fun. My only suggestion is that the starting setup have all the single passageways as neutral 2s and one neutral 2 in each of the double passageways. Either that or change the minimum army bonus to +4 or even +5. The combination of only starting with 3 armies first turn and others potentially starting with +5 or +6 can make the early game snowball just based on starting position luck
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26 Sep 2020
Reviewed by Johasi Vidad  Superb
So much fun, and the unlimited transfers definitely makes the board work so well
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17 Sep 2020
Reviewed by Mivkey  Superb
Really like the board - only request is for teams, allow to fortify into your teammates and add troops to their spaces. Teams is currently pretty pointless
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12 Feb 2019
Reviewed by VikingLee  Great
Really enjoyed the board and the strategy of reinforcement.
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9 Jan 2019
Reviewed by SpyYoshiRv  Good
Pretty good overall.
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10 Dec 2018
Reviewed by sgtbadass  Great
Good board. Allows for fun border expansion and nervous card sets.
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31 May 2018
Reviewed by The Real Yin  Superb
Great board with a lot going on. Makes for a good challenge when playing full fog.
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6 Nov 2017
Reviewed by Kaaz Mun  Perfect
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21 May 2017
Reviewed by Litotes  Great
Excellent board
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17 May 2017
Reviewed by blecherta  Superb
This game is so different every time, depending on number of players and fog. One of my favorites.
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29 Apr 2017
Reviewed by sirdakka  Average
quite fun
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10 Apr 2017
Reviewed by Bronxbrawlers  Great
I like the unlimited fortifies. Great theme and concept. Works well with smaller and larger games.
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24 Mar 2017
Reviewed by Kylo Ren  Superb
The Force is strong with this one.
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7 Oct 2016
Reviewed by Paelias  Great
I really like playing on this board, but it really annoys me how card trade-ins never stop, so the game no longer becomes about strategy, it's just who can get a trade in first...
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4 Aug 2016
Reviewed by Augustusincarnate  Superb
I like the unlimited fortifying at the end of your turn. You can strategize your turn in a whole different way if you keep that in mind.
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20 May 2016
Reviewed by Aldor  Great
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12 May 2016
Reviewed by Dodo  Great
I enjoyed it... played in no fog and total fog. Total fog was tough.
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24 Feb 2016
Reviewed by primon  Abysmal
No Good!
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21 Nov 2015
Reviewed by momzilla  Superb
Really fun game. Great board, both in form and style. Love the ant cards, especially the wild card. Ordinarily, I hate ants, but this game is like Risk in an ant farm. Fantastic fun!
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