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12 Oct 2021
Reviewed by Guderian65  Good
dependent too much to initial position and luck
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2 Aug 2021
Reviewed by Johasi Vidad  Great
A beautiful simplistic well executed hordes map utilizing some easy mechanics to change up play. Definitely suggest some fog at the very least.
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22 Jul 2021
Reviewed by asm  Perfect
One of the most well balanced boards on the site. Medium fog is STRONGLY recommended. There are 6 or possibly 7 distinct starting areas that are very strong and offer incremental progression. Due to the bonus structure and limited attacks, the game progresses in three distinct phases, each of which requires its own highly adapted strategy. For instance, units matter in the early game and end game whereas in the midgame your most valuable resource is attacks. Far less luck dependent than most boards due to absence of cards and limited attacks - you have to set up eliminations VERY carefully because you can't just go on a single game-ending run. Cautious placement and judicious use of reserves goes a long way. Every game is different, everyone has a chance to win. Even the smaller touches down to the 5 troop reinforcement minimum are perfectly and elegantly balanced. I will never get tired of playing this board!
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8 Jan 2021
Reviewed by Mivkey  Average
Too luck dependent with no cards and heavy fog.
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22 Sep 2020
Reviewed by Da Champ  Good
Don't love hordes-style but this has grown on me. Takes a bit to adjust to no cards but I like it.
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