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  • Rating Score: 7.29 out of 10 [7 ratings]
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Created Date: 30th May 2013
  • Release Date: 9th May 2013
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Design Information
Territories 108
Continents 557
Advanced Features View Only Borders
One-way Borders
Board Settings
Available Players
4 5 6
Card Sets Worth 4,6,8,10,12,14,16
Territory Selection Automatic
Unit Placement Automatic
Starting Setup Scenario based
Capital Cities On
Teamplay Enabled
Fog Setting Medium
Fog Override Disabled
Open Games 0
Seat Color Team Starting Cards Starting Bonus Win Condition
1 Lime 4 Default
2 Green 4 Default
3 Cyan 4 Default
4 Blue 4 Default
5 Purple 4 Default
6 Pink 4 Default
7 Red 4 Default
8 Orange 4 Default
9 Yellow 4 Default
10 Brown 4 Default

Board Description




In the Apophenia Scenario, the game is played out with SimulGear mechanics. The odds are the standard defense favoring 60% attack, 75% defend. The turn order is random each turn.


**Special end of game mechanics: After you are eliminated, you will be required to log in to the game one more time for a "handshake round". Congratulate your remaining oponents and end your turn.**




Learn your timezones relative to noon GMT.

A heavy fog of darkness has overtaken the earth. Only 3 hours of light pierces an almost permanently night sky, revealing to each player a sliver of what is happening around the map as the world turns.

Gather bonuses for collecting all the territories in each time-zone. Note that not all such territories are contiguous. You may have to go well out of your way geographically to complete a time zone. If you also conquer the timezones an hour ahead of and behind, then the bonus for the center hour is doubled. Bonuses mount very rapidly, so consolidation is an important strategy.

Some island chains are displayed graphically as many separate islands, but count as a single territory. Most notably, Japan and other south pacific islands, the carribean, north of Canada, and the British isles. Such islands chains are distinguished by the lack of dark ocean border between the internal islands. They can also be distinguished by the fact that there is only one "army" number amongst the group.

Over-water borders are indicated by digital blue lines connecting the territories, or, in the case of very near over-water borders, some digital blue lining along the coast.

Gameplay Settings

Gameplay TypeSimulGear
Allow reinforcement moves before attack movesUnlimited
Allow reinforced units to attack in the same roundOff
Allow order overloadingOff
Allow unit pumpingOn
Maximum number of orders allowed per turnUnlimited
Turn OrderRandom order
Allow fortificationBordered
Allow abandonment of territoriesOn
Abandoned territories revert to neutralImmediately
Fog typeMedium
Allow override of fog settingNo
Game historyShow

Team Settings

Teamplay EnabledYes
Team VisionOff
Team Unit PlacementOff
Team Unit TransferOff
Team Factory ProductionOff


Card CaptureOff
Maximum number of cards allowed5
Card values4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24
Must capture non-empty territory to earn cardOn
Card deckA:18 B:18 C:18 W:2

Bonuses, Limits and Dice

Grant 1 unit per x territories owned3
Minimum bonus units per turn0
Elimination bonus0
Capturing of reserves on eliminationOn
Maximum reserve units0
Maximum units per territoryUnlimited
Auto Assign Factories
Chance of an attacker killing a defender60
Chance of a defender killing an attacker75
Fatigue: Chance of Attack success drops by0% per 1 turns

Initial Setup

Initial setupSetup based
Lock seat colorsOff
Lock seat orderOff
Lock starting bonus to:Seat
Allow seat selectionNone
Capital citiesOn
Capital city captureOff
Capital city unit assimilation %0
Destroy unallocated CapitalsOn
Number of units per Territory3
Territory selectionAutomatic
Unit placementAutomatic
Neutral countNone
Neutral Factories
Use team names defined in ColorsOff
Allow players to choose seats / teamsNone