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Kursk was the largest tank battle in history, during World War 2 and was one of the pivotal battles on the Eastern Front. This game is a simulgear game and requires management of large forces on a large front. If you like both Chess and Risk, then this board is for you.


1 - Basic Version (default)

2 - Basic, Pick Your Role (same as the default version except you can pick your side)

3 - Factory Reinforcement - placement is enable for factory locations and airports only

4 - Basic, Limited Orders - both sides are limited to 12 attack/defense orders instead of 30; the setup is a bit different than the default game to compensate.

5 - Basic, Limited Orders, Pick Your Role - this is the same as the Limited Order scenario except you can pick your side

6 - Team 2v2 - this is a 2on2 team game, with each side's forces divided into northern and southern players

Strategies and Tips

For the German side:

  1. Be aggressive early.
  2. You have the unit advantage along the front at the start of the game and you must make early penetrations into the Russian front to gain parity on the reinforcements front.
  3. Use the red (armored locations) wisely - these spots have a range of 2 spots and attack adjacent with advantage.
  4. Conquer an enemy armored location if possible. This puts great pressure on the Russian side to defend against all the outlets.

For the Russian side:

  1. Use the defensive dice advantage and defense lines to your advantage.
  2. Get your reserve units to the front as quickly as possible.
  3. Don't be afraid to give ground in the center of the map, but be wary to guard the flanks.
  4. Play a 'shell game', pre-transferring large groups of defensive units into spots where the attacker doesn't expect it. In an attrition game, this will wear on the German side.
  5. Early counter-attacks (first 3 to 4 turns) should be judicious and should be done only when it threatens the German side's bonuses (ie - a city).
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