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 Overview Overview
-Move your bomber around ​the board and place bombs to clear paths and eliminate your enemies.+You can only remove units from the board by blowing them up.  All attacks lose.
 Gameplay: Gameplay:
-Always keep one bomber. ​ If you have more that one square ​at the beginning of your turnyou will be eliminated.+Always keep one square ​on the boardthis is your bomber.
-Each turn you will have 2 units in one square. ​ The square represents your bomber. ​ The second ​unit is used to place a bomb, should you choose to do so.+Split one unit off to capture ​a bomb, but do not end your turn with more than one square.
-With limited attacks be sure to plan your move so as to not accidentally end your turn with 2 squares and eliminate yourself by mistake.+Don't forget ​to set the bomb size, Small, Medium, or Large.
-All attacks ​are done with 1v1 dice, so never attack an occupied square.+Use your 7 attacks ​to do the following things:
-Instead, all combat is done through ​bombs. ​ Place a bomb and select a size, and be sure not to blow yourself up +1. Move your bomber to a safe location (safe from bombs). 
 +2. Place a bomb on the board.
 +3. Determine the radius of the explosion.
 How Bombs work: How Bombs work:
-Use your second unit to take a bomb within a square in the arena to set ground zero.  Use your Bomb Bag to select a size.  Run. 
 {{:​boards:​bomberman:​bombermanguide.png|}} {{:​boards:​bomberman:​bombermanguide.png|}}
-At the start of your turn, each square ​on the board affected by the bomb will lose 5 units.+At the start of your turn, each square ​marked with an X will lose 5 units
 +  * Small bombs only hit the territories marked with a red X.
-Small bombs affect the green squares, ​Medium bombs affect the yellow ​squares, and Large bombs affect ​the red squares.+  * Medium bombs affect the squares ​with an orange or red X. 
 +  * Large bombs affect ​all squares ​marked with an X.
-Grey blocks and the edges of the map will block further explosion +Bombs cannot go through walls, but you can blow yourself up.
-Each bomb requires all bomb sizes to the left be filled. ​ To use a large bomb you must also own the medium and small bomb territories. ​ Medium bombs require the small bomb as well.+All larger ​bomb sizes require you to also capture ​the smaller sizes
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