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 [[Boards:​Boardname:​Strategies and Tips]] [[Boards:​Boardname:​Strategies and Tips]]
 +  * Don't forget the ability to transfer to and from your capital.
 +  * If you decide to enter Dungeonland,​ it's important to either enter with a large unit count or have an anchor (a location which can fortify to one of the 2 corner entrances) so that you can fortify into the Dungeon additional troops. In the latter case, you'll want to make sure not to abandon locations as you progress, to allow fortification to your spots that are attacking monsters. Note, if you kill a monster, leaving 1 or more units on the territory will ensure it does not regenerate.
 +  * Try not to leave too many units on the outer board itself from mid-game on, as a player with less troops than you might make a run at defeating the Tarrasque and you would need those units to make a run on your turn.
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