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29th Apr 2013 11:18
Message from renjason
That's a really long vacation you've been on! I hope you're ok and not off in a hospital somewhere. If anyone knows alsuperal in the "real" world, and he's horribly sick or something... let us know and give him our best wishes.
#26 of 26
18th Apr 2013 04:24
Message from joe998
have you Quit playing? you have been on vacation on Mysticlady board for 21 days
#25 of 26
9th Apr 2013 17:28
Message from renjason
ooooh I was wondering why i didn't have any games to play lately!! :-) Half of my games are with you. Hope you're having a great vacation!
#24 of 26
4th Mar 2013 17:35
Message from OneLegLenny
Hey sorry about being a little harsh in the 3 player game. A little frustrated today and I shouldn't have taken it out on you. Honestly, I would have done the exact same in fighting for Aust.
#23 of 26
27th Feb 2013 11:59
Message from Jumbolero
Hi! In the game we play 3p i offer you truce in N/S american border. It's big chance that green is going to broke my bonus anyway.
#22 of 26
28th Jan 2013 16:14
Message from renjason
Another close one! http://www.wargear.net/games/player/226255 You would have had that win if you killed me off in asia during your big run. i think you lost to many guys trying to get purple also. GG though!!
#21 of 26
6th Jan 2013 16:04
Message from renjason
Great game! the constantly shifting strategy from all 3 of us really made it interesting.
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14th Dec 2012 16:20
Message from Archonon
In other words, move your troops in Mexico back to South America and I promise I won't attack on that border. Deal?
#19 of 26
14th Dec 2012 16:18
Message from Archonon
Leave me alone in North America and I'll leave you alone in S. America. Deal?
#18 of 26
12th Dec 2012 20:50
Message from Tommy
I see you've taken a liking to World War... you must try Colossal Crusade.
#17 of 26
9th Dec 2012 11:56
Message from plumbkiller
Starting to look like an ants game with each player having hundreds of units too bad about grey having to drop out.
#16 of 26
9th Dec 2012 11:21
Message from plumbkiller
Probably one of the best WW games I've seen. I didn't make it in on time to play but sat in to watch don't think I've seen one where all the players survive to the final explosion of forces.
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9th Dec 2012 11:20
Message from plumbkiller
Probably one of the best WW games I've seen. I didn't make it in on time to play but sat in to watch don't think I've seen one where all the players survive to the final explosion of forces.
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3rd Dec 2012 15:57
Message from Dud
I see you are getting a lot of games under your belt. And you score is headed north. Congrats
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24th Nov 2012 19:14
Message from CrazyViking
Sorry man. No idea why my dice always suck so bad against you.
#12 of 26
13th Nov 2012 18:42
Message from asterix
all good thanks for the game, you are damn good
#11 of 26
7th Nov 2012 00:11
Message from Dud
No worries, it just showed up
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7th Nov 2012 00:09
Message from Dud
Let me know if you see e7, I was killing the final country and it wouldn't let me continue. I went out of the game, to come back in.....and it is gone into cyberspace..
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2nd Nov 2012 19:48
Message from blaze61
i made 4 player if u fancy joining
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30th Oct 2012 00:29
Message from tableswitch
Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate that.
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