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13th Dec 2013 03:39
Message from Big Ady
http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/1267 Tournament invite, did you not get it?
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30th Sep 2013 16:37
Message from limburg
I was being sincere actually.. I don't have premium so I don't see troop counts, I knew he had a lot of troops (but more around 220 something) and killing him would have been a stretch but still possible, and if not you would have had him the next round. so I made a decision yes. if you wanna give him the game that is your choice and I won't take that personnal. but don't see any reason for you to do so te be honest cause it's still anyones game..
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29th Sep 2013 10:34
Message from limburg
you would have had a 150 troops that round (with your turn in of course) the game would have been as good as over the next round. If you can't confirm that then i don't know :/
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21st Sep 2013 08:53
Message from limburg
if I hadn't you would have had enough to take out blue, take the cards and it would have been game over for me as wel as you very well know ;)
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4th Sep 2013 01:57
Message from gazz
join real time game 144
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23rd Jul 2013 18:34
Message from limburg
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16th Jul 2013 00:48
Message from Andernut
I think if you re-read the posts in the game you'll see that I never suggested green attack anyone else. I suggested that I screwed up by listening to green talking about orange... I think if you check the history you'll also see that the turn you stockpiled you were the strongest on the board and would likely have won if you had attacked east.
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25th Jun 2013 18:41
Message from Lantern
I got part of SA on the last round, but was not successful in breaking into Europe. He had Greenland well covered. :(
#26 of 33
25th Jun 2013 16:00
Message from zdisabled_fc56b4f4
I'm not an idiot. Blue has done nothing but wail on me while yo've gotten off scott free for three rounds. I see you have all of europe, western russia, and who knows how much of africa. Blue is not my threat anymore, you are, so the truce is over.
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24th Jun 2013 19:38
Message from Lantern
I've been knocked out of Russia. I grabbed central America and didn't attack green in SA. Hopefully, he will not attack me. talk to him if u can. I've only got troops in NA, except for the 1 army u can see.
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24th Jun 2013 18:08
Message from zdisabled_fc56b4f4
Well, you have western Russia now I see, at least.. And what about Middle East? Does he have any bonuses in Europe?
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24th Jun 2013 17:55
Message from zdisabled_fc56b4f4
SA and NA are complete broken. Got hung up at Iceland. If he has Europe or Africa, he can retake them, though. Do you have Africa? Middle East? I can see nothing in the middle of the map.
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24th Jun 2013 17:38
Message from zdisabled_fc56b4f4
we can do a truce until blue is eliminated. i have meatched him on borders with NA and SA. I will throw everything at him this turn if you do the same.
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24th Jun 2013 17:11
Message from Lantern
concerning cuatro, yes red has been a thorn in my side. every time I try to control a territory, red breaks it up. :( I believe red did control Europe and most if not all of Africa. green seems to be in control of south America.
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21st Jun 2013 13:21
Message from renjason
damn... I have to stop joining games and then getting distracted/booted. Lucky you, I guess. :-)
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15th May 2013 18:51
Message from shasini
I don't know how to send private messages... but he's for sure got polynesia... not all of so america yet... I still have some there.
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14th Apr 2013 15:33
Message from Crusher
Yes, 1 turn sounds good. Let me know, we'll wait your turn then mine and we'll go from there. Good luck
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12th Apr 2013 13:42
Message from Crusher
Wanna set up a Truce in Easy Living for a while?
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11th Apr 2013 16:49
Message from Xrayjay
Sounds good.....I am just going to chill on my capitals until I see an end-game.
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10th Apr 2013 04:00
Message from beserker42
That works.
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