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23rd Apr 2016 19:16
Message from steadman1969
Sorry I deadbeated on the fast game. I got called away from the computer and it took way longer than I expected.
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24th Oct 2014 21:29
Message from Banshee Tantrum
Nice Fro
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2nd Aug 2014 06:53
Message from TheChineseTankMan
you still had a decent chance to win against me even though the dice eventually quit playing against me in the game by the way, your profile pic looks like an older version of now bodily dead musician Keith Green
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2nd Apr 2013 09:44
Message from plumbkiller
Wow light blue mad a bad move and the dark blue appears to not understand he could have taken your cards and won easily.
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25th Nov 2012 04:25
Message from dankekong
i dont know how to whisper in game...but ur right...i was just adding his numbers, 1 turn notice
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11th Sep 2012 20:26
Message from sapiensnicator
I know it's lame to kill u after green already attacked u... sry. But u had such imba dices I felt like going on u with cardbonus was the only way I could beat u
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19th Aug 2012 06:08
Message from WorldsBestMom
yoavsh - Good Game...
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15th Aug 2012 11:58
Message from zdisabled36
yoavsh - Sorry about the exchange on your wall between me and Vult. I'd delete mine if I could. I'm sorry I brought a cheating whiner out in the open, but only because it was done on your wall.
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2nd Aug 2012 19:32
Message from franyosoy
ok, deal
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25th Jul 2012 15:48
Message from Vult
Terryoe used a slur against me, so I stopped playing him. I clearly cheated in all of our 2-player games...Nice Terry.
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24th Jul 2012 20:53
Message from zdisabled36
Saw your game with Vult where he accused of cheating. Actually, I think Vult cheats and he's quite a whiner. I made him an enemy so I don't have to put up with his crap anymore.
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