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Rating distribution for norlingk



Sun 24th Aug 18:24
Antastic! rated  Superb
One of the best!
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Tue 12th Aug 23:46
War rated  Great
classic board , with small new twists...
#11 of 12
Fri 8th Aug 00:11
Colossal Crusade rated  Superb
classic. :)
#10 of 12
Mon 30th Jun 10:48
Kensington rated  Great
interesting variation! fun diversion!
#9 of 12
Tue 3rd Jun 12:54
Battle USA rated  Great
Clean, simple and fun.
#8 of 12
Tue 3rd Jun 12:53
Notebook Paper Dungeon rated  Great
Clean, simple and fun.
#7 of 12
Thu 10th Apr 22:37
Millennium Falcon rated  Great
many nuances to this one! I make the lightsaber sound every time i get a card!
#6 of 12
Sun 23rd Feb 18:26
Medieval Europe rated  Good
Italy only worth 2? It's hard to hold!
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Sat 15th Feb 21:22
Micro Mission rated  Great
Nice change up.
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Mon 3rd Feb 22:34
Civil War rated  Superb
Great board! Better location names (Tennessee 3????) would have made it a 10.
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Sat 30th Oct 22:23
Australian Risk rated  Superb
Love it!
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Wed 14th Apr 11:02
For the Love of Smurf rated  Poor
I was glad when i was finally killed....
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