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Tue 19th May 16:11
Dungeon Quest rated  Poor
So, I was initially pretty excited about this board and did a few of the dev games. It's original with some unique dynamics reminiscent of a number of old style role playing board games.

However the automatic self-elimination for placing 1 too many guys on the board is a deal breaker for me.

It is written in the rules, but how often do you read and remember every rule to a map every time you take a turn? I'd argue one single placement should not be an automatic self elimination on any map.

There should be some other penalty like loss of one or more items, or at the very least the automatic you're "F'd" rule should be written on the board itself.

I'd be happy to revise my review if something get's changed.
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Sat 23rd Aug 19:40
Axis V Allies Tech rated  Perfect
A&A at another level. Well balanced, with increased options.
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Sat 23rd Aug 19:38
Pirates of the Caribbean rated  Superb
Outstanding map. Just can't seem to get wins though...
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Sat 23rd Aug 19:37
Risk of Thrones rated  Good
Love the layout and design, but gameplay has seemed to devolve to who can move fastest to take out neighboring noobs and use their weakness to rush the map.
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Sat 23rd Aug 19:35
The Belgariad rated  Average
Loved the series. Decent game play, and layout, but I wish the names were more accurate.
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Sat 23rd Aug 19:33
Escherdiles rated  Superb
Great small board with cool graphics and interesting dynamics.
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Sat 23rd Aug 19:32
Crystal Caves rated  Superb
Well distributed options, with great size and complexity. Ability to hold large card stacks gives extra striking options.
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Sat 23rd Aug 19:30
Renaissance Wars rated  Perfect
If you like the complexity of “War Of The Roses” this might be the map for you. It’s bigger and more complex with dynamic additions of spies, factories, and crown reducing castles. No one path to victory.

Like WOTR you must take combinations of shields and their implied support to wage war on the other claimants fund your shot at the throne. But, choices expand. Do you go for shields, churches, castles, or invest in your own personal mercenaries?

Again like WOTR this board will not go to the last man standing, but the first to prove himself worthy. And, at some point you must roll the dice to seize the crown or bow to your future king.
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Tue 19th Nov 09:55
Electoral College rated  Superb
I love this map. Excellent take on a USA map. Lots of options. Swing states definitely influence game play. Sea attacks open up the NE choke points. Extremely different game play based on the fog level.
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Mon 12th Aug 11:53
War Of The Roses rated  Perfect
Dynamic and highly complex. True picture of a Civil War (AKA not a board for noobs or casual button clickers).

You must take combinations of shield and their implied support not only to wage war on the other claimants, but also support your claim to the throne.

This board will not go to the last man standing, but the first to prove himself worthy. And, at some point you must roll the dice to seize the crown or bow to your future king.
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Sat 22nd Jun 19:20
House of Fog rated  Superb
+1 to Blackdog. Stumbling around in the dark. Is it Blairwitch? Pitch Black? Scary Movie? Did you bring a knife to a gun fight? You never know 'till you flip the switch...
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Tue 18th Jun 11:35
Deadwood rated  Perfect
Feels very wild west. Town starts full of people and then they start disappearing as you find a place to "hole up"'till the firing dies down. Finally, you hunt through empty streets for the final showdown.
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Mon 17th Jun 10:44
Wheel of Gears rated  Good
Simple homage to the series. Good graphics, nothing fancy game play wise.
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Mon 17th Jun 10:13
StarGear rated  Perfect
One of my favorite boards. Just like the original, there's lot's of distractions and things to do, but whoever can rush the resources and hold them wins. If you think it looks confusing, watch a few replays of top players and you'll see some common strategies.
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Fri 14th Jun 00:28
Darkness Falls rated  Good
The idea is original and the color tone gives a nice sense of foreboding.

Not sure I like the lack of card capture or elimination bonus, seems to be encouraging large stacks in out of the way places, and the timezone bonuses become moot because no one can hold them against the wandering stacks.

So far the "handshake" round while nice in theory is kind of annoying as people don't even know who won because of the fog. People just take an extra round to type wtf?!?

I think a few tweeks could improve things greatly.
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Sat 2nd Mar 10:43
AvA Bomber Command rated  Perfect
For those who thought A&A wasn't complicated enough. =)

Whole lot more dynamics going on. Teamwork and thoughtful play is essential. If you want some serious wargaming this is the board. Not for noobs.
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Tue 26th Feb 02:37
The Muster of Rohan rated  Superb
Loving it. Great 1v1 simul board. Sides are amazingly balanced.
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Mon 25th Feb 00:38
1790 rated  Superb
At first glance this board appears to be another vanilla USA map, but the diversity and location of the continents plus variety of map options (territory selection being my favorite), can lead to some exciting game play.
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Tue 29th Jan 22:07
Anarchy rated  Perfect
Not sure what Michkov is talking about. The board design is creative and colorful. Totally new take on vanilla risk.

Gameplay can run crazy like a popular uprising sweeping you to victory and a new world order. But, holding choke points and stocking troops in the major border countries until you have overwhelming force will have a higher probability of success.

Just like how we deal with anarchy/revolution in the real world... The layout, design, production dynamics, and game play all justify the name. Love it or hate it the board lives up to it's own ideal.
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Wed 16th Jan 17:07
Europa 2210 rated  Great
Ditto to M57's post. One thing I noticed though is it's easy to hide and turtle somewhere. I can't count the times I thought I was about to take someone out and they still got one left hidden in a tower top somewhere.
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