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Sat 7th Apr 15:50
Europe 1560 rated  Perfect
becomming my favorite board for large amounts of players - the 1 day turn limit makes maps like this possible

Due to the map design it is fun for large groups as FFA, 2 teams, or multi teams

In my experience it turns into a more "deadlock" type game with large armies and fairly secure boarders
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Sat 7th Apr 15:46
The French Resistance rated  Poor
maybe a few more plays, but I think I just dont like the structure of the map
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Fri 16th Mar 12:36
Captain's Log rated  Good
fun little realtime board - needs some revision on the starting positions though...that would raise the rating 1 or 2 stars
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Fri 16th Mar 12:35
Gauntlet rated  Great
more fun than I thought it would be
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Fri 16th Mar 12:33
Spy vs Spy rated  Perfect
the most "brainy" board I know of - simple rules and concept, tough to master. Closer to checkers that Risk. This may be my fav board.

Plus it's 2 player which means I can play it live during work on my down time
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Fri 16th Mar 12:30
Infection rated  Perfect
best horde map I played
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Fri 16th Mar 12:30
Expanding Europe rated  Good
basic board, cool map
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Fri 16th Mar 12:29
The March Of Time rated  Good
interesting 3 player board - it needs some balance for the 1st turn though, the fog helps
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Mon 13th Feb 19:55
Colossal Crusade rated  Perfect
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Mon 13th Feb 19:55
Gunslinger rated  Good
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Mon 13th Feb 19:54
Fall of Rome rated  Great
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Mon 13th Feb 19:54
Civil War rated  Average
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Thu 5th May 01:21
WarGear Warfare rated  Perfect
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