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14th Feb 2014 16:39
Message from TheChosen
gg play anytime.
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15th Oct 2013 04:14
Message from limburg
you have to hit green hard before it's over! already into indonesia and he has china and i guess europe?
#7 of 8
9th Oct 2013 16:38
Message from limburg
could or will :D? be glad its only neutrals, at my side they are fighting back :p
#6 of 8
9th Oct 2013 15:37
Message from limburg
feel for a truce in the Kill em all game? I know you'll have africa after next round and to be honest i was planning on bashing you :D untill i noticed black has NA (or almost cause i can't see everything) and blue had australia/indonesia so need to keep this game in balance ^^
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19th Sep 2013 19:09
Message from Moravsky
No one is winning from our back and forth in Africa in World War X except the other players. Truce there? I'll turn elsewhere if yes.
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2nd May 2013 16:12
Message from MajorJohnson
green is growing too large for the board i say we call a truce for now until he is subdued
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7th Sep 2012 23:15
Message from scottcurry
You play a hell of a game. I will look for your name in future battles.
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8th Jul 2012 22:10
Message from Theon Greyjoy
Fool of a Took!
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