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16th Oct 2017 18:11
Message from WalterCrunkite
Poor sport, broke a treaty with me without notice.
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24th Jul 2014 23:18
Message from Angela
Great guy. Kicks my butt every time!
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17th Feb 2014 15:25
Sorry about the team tournament, didn't log on for about a month there.
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18th Jan 2014 14:05
Message from Mike Bolton
in the team game - white and purple just about have all of africa. The more I have to defend against you, the less I can prevent them from taking control of this game. Just FYI.
#17 of 20
9th Jan 2014 11:36
Message from Aiken Drumn
Yeah sure.
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30th Oct 2013 23:03
Message from jknight007
You want any truce in game "5"? White seems to have NA and SA and who knows what else.
#15 of 20
20th Sep 2013 21:54
Message from TheDominion
We need to work together in the civil war map civil.6p. I will not attack you if you don;t attack me. As a sign of peace I do ask you move you 5 guys out of the red territory i own most of. Please?
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20th Aug 2013 23:00
Message from kofi annon
I met the president of the S. Carolina Chess Association in Madison Wisconsin at the USCF annual meeting/US Open. I said I would come visit one of these days. Perhaps I will meet you as well.
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15th Jun 2013 11:08
Message from Adam the Merciless
Okay, Chess. I'm relying on you to break Col's bonuses, too. I reduced his force in S. America to nil, but I'm not advancing there, and if he has cards, he could get through my 12. If you are able to take Western Europe, on my next turn I can get out of Spain for you. I'd rather have my only ally strong, and worry about us fighting much, much later on. If I preserve my bonuses for next turn, and Jef doesn't have his E. Asia bonus, he's in deep doo doo.
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15th Jun 2013 10:18
Message from Adam the Merciless
Col seems unwilling to acknowledge my existence. Can you break Jef's East Asia bonus on your turn? I will push him out of Africa. He should get very few troops indeed if you'll agree to this. I need to know soon so I can take my turn.
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11th Jun 2013 02:38
Message from Adam the Merciless
In fact, looking at the board, he has already taken the dominant position. Our truce only concerns our home territories. Feel free to use some of your new guys to fight for eastern europe if you want to. Better than letting him expand into Europe. Up to you.
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11th Jun 2013 02:33
Message from Adam the Merciless
Yeah, he's preparing for the next war, and assuming this one is already won. He will absolutely be the next power, if we do successfully unseat Col. Let's stay cool, you and I. If we stay cool, he'll be between a rock and a hard place.
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8th May 2013 20:46
Message from Adam the Merciless
Hey there. In Vicious Woman, I propose a truce. That Maroon dude is on the verge of taking both of the Americas, and likely more. We're certainly all screwed, but the only chance we have is not attacking each other and uniting against him. Agreed? Good luck to you. To us all. Also, you ought to look to Polynesia. It's all neutral now. I won't mess with you in the ME at all.
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16th Apr 2013 21:11
Message from Dorlok
This is black from the civil war game manifest destiny. I would like to negotiate na truce between us in order to curtail our inevitable defeat by purple and blue. They are getting too strong. I propose that I give up colorado to you in exchange for letting me have kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas back. I keep arizona territories east of the river and you can have that city on the river. You get nebraska. Then you can expand east fighting blue as you go. I will expand east fighting purple. You are not allowed to attack south of the river. And I am not allowed north. Once one of us gets to New England then the truce is over and one of us two wins instead of the current likely outcome of one of them winning. What do ya say?
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24th Dec 2012 04:06
Message from Rad-Warrior
FYI Am done attacking you, It looks like blue is asking for it. Please give me one turn before you take Ala. and Lou. back.
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22nd Oct 2012 03:09
Message from renjason
Nice win in the Civil War game!
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9th Apr 2012 02:15
Message from dusz
hey, how about a treaty of non agression between our forces ? :)
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27th Mar 2012 00:19
Message from zdisabled_c9e631c1
chess, i will retreat if you want to make a treaty against crossing the english channel?
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22nd Apr 2011 17:43
Message from renjason
thanks for the rematch. GG
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31st Mar 2011 17:45
Message from hunthart09
you are in 3 of my games..... how long have you been on here?
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