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15th Sep 2015 11:45
Message from RoyalCrown
Good player. If you are up for the challenge I recommend playing with this player. We have had our differences in opinion but overall I chalk that up to both being competitive personalities.
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2nd Sep 2015 13:17
Message from Scipio
I replayed and saw how you did what I questioned you on. Great strategy and well played..
#18 of 19
8th Oct 2014 02:54
Message from Thingol
An excellent player and reasonable comunicator. Haven't played against you in awhile, but I enjoyed the challenge of playing against you on the Invention map, among others.
#17 of 19
26th Aug 2014 16:29
Message from jeter1
Hey Yuriz, my bad man, I was mistaking you for a different player that I always talk trash with. You probably were thinking the trash talk was out of no where. You are right, good dice on all three games. Look forward to playing in the future.
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18th Mar 2014 05:03
Message from Toto
Number 1 in tournaments. Can't believe it. Congrats. But remember this has been MY seat for more than 2 years now. So it's not over, I have to play more and I WILL come back ;)
#15 of 19
11th Mar 2014 11:06
Message from Mad Bomber
Very impressive
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22nd Nov 2013 19:26
Message from RUTHLEZZG
Good to see you found a country again!
#13 of 19
29th Aug 2013 01:03
Message from Mad Bomber
Well done on getting to number 2
#12 of 19
13th Nov 2012 12:35
Message from Toto
Wow, number 2 in the global tournament ranking. Congrats. I knew you was heading to the top. Please don't go any further though ;)
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8th Oct 2012 22:52
Message from JaredCunningham
In Ants 16.4 I left a gap for you in hole U to attack Kotu. I have a match now and will use it on him as well if you are able to turn in a match and use it on him as well. If he holds onto everything he currently owns it will be the end for all of us.
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18th Sep 2012 15:31
Message from berickf
I figured that tourneys were the same as regular game play where teamplay is tallied separately from independent play? I have not played that map before either, but the concept is simple and I'm sure we'd master it quickly. Anyway, let me know if you change your mind as I'm sure It'll take that one a long time to fill up!
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17th Sep 2012 18:26
Message from berickf
Hey Yuri, Not sure if you're planning on being on WarGear for the next year and a half that it might take to finish it... But, if you are, I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining my team for this tourney "http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/883". If so, let me know and I'll make the team. Thanks!
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20th Jun 2012 14:37
Message from Candy Cane
yuri, did you move? did your country go through a huge political shift? you have lost your flag sir!
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4th Apr 2012 15:13
Message from Audioventing
thank you!! I have been wondering how to do that for years. It all makes sense now.
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16th Mar 2012 11:59
Message from Snake Eyes
Yuri, thanks for the trophy in that recent ants tournament. It was by watching you that I learned how to play that board.
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16th Jan 2012 23:47
Message from Charumathime
Hello! I am a new player, but rumors of your abilities have traveled beyond the website and I was told to seek you out for pointers! I look forward to any tips you would be willing to give me!
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12th Nov 2011 15:03
Message from timmy888
Well played, on that series of boards I knew you, I, fugee and goggles had to die, the rest all dead money
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12th Oct 2011 14:56
Message from zdisabled36
You like playing against me because you kick my ass! :)
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12th Aug 2011 10:48
Message from timmy888
YuriZ, I like your style!
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