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Rating distribution for Warrior Mentor



Sat 5th Mar 11:31
Invention rated  Superb
Excellent board. But could be better. Could have a better balance of power coming out. Seems Asia has the most difficult path out and Europe is right behind it. Africa with its 10 units in front of capitol is a huge advantage from beginning. Not sure why? With Europe for it to take green tech path is almost unfair since reward is so limited over cost to get extra armies placed. I still play it a lot and have tried to work though the in balances and overcome those issues. gg!
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Sat 8th Mar 18:17
Anarchy rated  Good
I have tried the board twice. I like the change army build up. It has a good change from the other war gear games. I don't like the painter and ladder in the board. Fun change. try it.
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Tue 7th Dec 13:28
Europe 1560 rated  Superb
Fun and Diverse.
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Sat 4th Dec 20:32
Battle USA rated  Superb
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