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Actual RL Mexican.

My Favorite boards right now are World War, Expanding Europe and Prion 4. Im currently one of the good persons on WW Total Fog.

Also the dice likes to flip my games.

EDIT November 29th: Great.. Scores got bugged again.

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17th Dec 2014 12:13
Message from Kancercakes
In the game 10. If you have the card turn you should take out Gill from your guy in the Philippines.
#17 of 17
1st Jun 2014 03:02
Message from Apple on The Tree
If I'm not moving I'm afk...
#16 of 17
2nd Mar 2012 10:19
Message from renjason
Did you leave Wargear for good now?
#15 of 17
25th Sep 2011 23:01
Message from renjason
I hope you are enjoying being back on Wargear. ...After you left the Tournament that we were in together, I started winning all of the games. Please do NOT join then if you get an invite. ( I don't mean any disrespect... It's just working out better with out you.)
#14 of 17
12th May 2011 12:05
Message from D-KingZ
I ready for a game!
#13 of 17
8th May 2011 13:09
Message from D-KingZ
sure! i ll contact u then...
#12 of 17
8th May 2011 12:35
Message from D-KingZ
Want to... bur i'm in 11 games... normally i can only take 10! So i'm sorry...
#11 of 17
2nd May 2011 12:47
Message from ZenRabbit
Hey thanks! Yep - it's a lop eared rabbit. The picture comes with a caption ... "I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on it's head." I'm suer there's a story behind it. I like your ... cat ... really?
#10 of 17
25th Apr 2011 00:41
Message from AppleCat
yeah, noticed what you were taking to late, why i transferred out in the south. My idea exactly since you are in a better position to take it and then him.
#9 of 17
23rd Apr 2011 13:36
Message from D-KingZ
wish to but i'm at the limit... only the baasic account, you know?!
#8 of 17
19th Apr 2011 18:32
Message from Dunkelzahn
Thanks, you too. I'm glad we played it out.
#7 of 17
19th Apr 2011 15:39
Message from D-KingZ
great game dude! play again!
#6 of 17
18th Apr 2011 23:54
Message from Davidny212
You should have gotten credit for the win.
#5 of 17
16th Apr 2011 21:18
Message from danasteele
continue to stay alive, my friend. temporary truce between us.
#4 of 17
16th Apr 2011 08:51
Message from danasteele
attack through washington state , since i let you live this round :-)
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8th Apr 2011 18:47
Message from Carnifex
I mean, I'm definitely in 10 games. I'm new to the site, so I don't know if there's any reason you wouldn't be able to see all of them.
#2 of 17
8th Apr 2011 16:35
Message from Carnifex
I'm already in 10 games. Otherwise I would join it.
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