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6th Nov 2017 18:20
Message from col cracker
Staaaallller, but fun to beat)
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11th Oct 2017 16:05
Message from GeauxTigersTom
confirming what others have said, this guy will quit on a game and force everyone to wait. include him with caution.
#10 of 11
11th Oct 2017 15:54
Message from GeauxTigersTom
Hey simon, I don't know what's wrong, but i hope you get the help you need. keep in mind, this is just a game. sometimes the roll doesn't go your way.
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21st May 2017 12:19
Message from TheKing8
abandons games/ stalls when losing
#8 of 11
21st Mar 2017 16:21
Message from Rick12
Still tries the stall tactic. Still sucks at it
#7 of 11
7th Mar 2017 17:08
Message from Dud
Yep. His stall tactic is confirmed....
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14th Feb 2017 17:25
Message from brak
A terribly rude and boorish player who resorts to foul language on losing. Will definitely avoid participating in any games with him in the future.
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5th Feb 2017 13:22
Message from Velaara
Stalls and then goes offline when ever he get's into a bad position
#4 of 11
10th Jan 2017 15:32
Message from Nikolai
Stalls when losing 1v1 games.
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29th Sep 2016 09:10
Message from RoyalCrown
Stall game when losing.
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17th May 2016 10:55
Message from Rick12
Goes offline when losing
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