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Happy New Year, all!

- Dec. 31, 2015

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7th Jun 2014 03:10
Message from Mad Bomber
This guy is a kook. Average player at best. Actually enjoys three man no fog games. A top 500 player. Insulting and disrespectful. Makes deals whenever he can.
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9th Nov 2012 11:13
Message from Andernut
I am rather impulsive aren't I? In that other game you're welcome to that continent while I lick my wounds and prepare for another random sortee from that Hamilton Player.
#9 of 10
10th Feb 2012 11:48
Message from DavidAlbright
#8 of 10
30th Oct 2011 19:16
Message from hajee
don't know what the hell you on about. been playing this dumb ass game man,go and kick a tree or somp
#7 of 10
24th Aug 2011 16:57
Message from Mad Max
Waiting on you in the A&A game.
#6 of 10
13th Jul 2011 01:00
Message from Gimli
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13th Jul 2011 01:00
Message from Gimli
I started a team tourney, just for you to join me!
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7th Jul 2011 20:24
Message from Gimli
I'm doing well, glad to see you here! what was it that made you come over now? so what kinda games are you getting into? if you are doing any team games, it'd be great to get a link to it and we can win one over here!
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4th Jul 2011 17:58
Message from Gamester
It's good to see you too. It looks like there are two more games to complete before our final in the Falkland tournament on warfish. Hopefully, we can pair up in some tournaments here and kick some butt :->
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29th Jun 2011 18:53
Message from NewlyIdle
Welcome to the Gear! It takes a little getting used to, but compared to ToS (The other Site) this place is awesome. Browse for players, PMs outside of games, Round Robin tourneys, very active development and forums... The list goes on. I'm sure you'll find plenty of players you knew from WF, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one. ;)
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