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16th Jun 2019 03:09
Message from Mad Bomber
Miss this player. Great team player...hope u return one day
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15th Jan 2015 15:41
Message from Chele Nica
Hey Mad Max, look forward to partnering with you on the Rainbow tournament
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15th Jan 2015 14:45
Message from Chele Nica
Hey Mad Max, look forward to partnering with you on the Rainbow tournament
#10 of 12
23rd Feb 2014 08:52
Message from ChupaChups
> Old school: I'm keen to learn. Any suggestions are welcomed.
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14th Nov 2013 21:33
Message from Frog
Ah shoot. I completely forgot about our agreement. That's my bad. Ugh. I lost my plus membership, so I can't private message anymore.
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19th Sep 2013 21:56
Message from UFO 17
u ready for this game?
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14th Jul 2013 17:23
Message from thorpe432
Mad, I don't know how to respond to a message like that. I would like to have any advice that you would like to give me. What areas should I attack first? Let me know. I always want to win. I have played the board game version of Axis and Allies about a million times, but I know this isn't exactly the same. Let me know.
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3rd Dec 2012 16:34
Message from chessdan
Ok i get where youre coming from.. I hope to still be able to play some A&A with u though, those private games could be really interesting!
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4th Oct 2012 14:19
Message from SaharaLive
hey there. You seem to find me no matter what game I play :) I am well. Canada is too cold for me :) We go back to Niger next June. Busy working and speaking here on tour, etc.
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30th Jun 2012 17:56
Message from M57
Per your request - you now have a territory named after on New Earth. As I post here, there are a a couple of open games on the "old" board, so they won't have it, but all games created from here on out will. Enjoy!
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18th Jun 2012 13:15
Message from SaharaLive
Only 7 more days until we leave Niger for a one year term in Canada! Planning to return to Niger after that.
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3rd Jan 2012 20:27
Message from Royale
Hey Mad Max, Im a kiwi just haven't changed my time settings yet. As far as good boards go I'm usually playing the same boards as on Warfish.
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