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Hugh was/is the best player.....the guy has nearly 200 loses from boots

I play more than three boards....

i want equal amounts of blueberry's in every muffin

Negative 22 r 1.......

Only Thingol knows my pain

It's been fun..... very few people know 1/7

Mad Bomber's Wall

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12th Feb 2013 21:45
Message from Thingol
Done. New large reserve scenario now available for LOTGR.
#53 of 113
30th Jan 2013 16:52
Message from Cona Chris
Who's there? :) Wow - you've been on quite a roll lately! I'm looking forward to another Gunslinger tournament... we'll have to do one here soon.
#52 of 113
28th Jan 2013 10:22
Message from weathertop
how'd you know? and can you believe i missed a turn this wknd! grrr, sets me and my p up for a rough go. guess i shoulda used vaca for my bday.
#51 of 113
21st Jan 2013 23:59
Message from FurBabe
Stupid me didn't "friend" you. . . .so I didn't see your open games. Bad FurBabe, spank her good! All fixed now. . . .see you soon I hope. . . (big hug!)
#50 of 113
19th Jan 2013 22:43
Message from Cona Chris
Congratulations on 300 CPs!
#49 of 113
11th Jan 2013 13:43
Message from Luieuil
I'm jealous of some of your tournament trophy's. You've got some really nice ones there!
#48 of 113
9th Jan 2013 05:22
Message from limburg
purple and red are clearly working togheter.. Red has the change to take away purple 13+ bonus away every round with no risk of losses but just doesn't..
#47 of 113
27th Dec 2012 08:40
Message from Jah Warren
Sorry Mad Bomber, I am playing for Jah Queline at the moment as he is away... Thanks anyways ;)
#46 of 113
27th Dec 2012 08:38
Message from Jah Queline
Thx for the message on my wall!!! you are better than me!
#45 of 113
14th Dec 2012 21:57
Message from ratsy
Look at all those half naked women in you're trophy box. I'm jealous. :)
#44 of 113
10th Dec 2012 11:38
Message from lissandro
i saw your message after playing .. sorry , in my mind i always have been attacking back .. i wont attack again for a while , in proove of good faith
#43 of 113
7th Nov 2012 00:22
Message from itsnotatumor
Nevermind, I just caught up. =D
#42 of 113
7th Nov 2012 00:21
Message from itsnotatumor
Lol, huh?
#41 of 113
2nd Nov 2012 15:40
Message from Luieuil
See it from the bright side ....at least you have more championship points then me!
#40 of 113
18th Oct 2012 23:47
Message from 3EyedTitan
Sorry MB about the tourny, you never responded so i thought you were uninterested.
#39 of 113
8th Sep 2012 22:17
Message from Amidon37
Quite a trophy collection you have - wish we could have gotten you another one - good playing with you -
#38 of 113
25th Aug 2012 12:57
Message from DBA72
http://www.wargear.net/tournaments/view/873 come join my team Let us do this...we will dominate!
#37 of 113
6th Aug 2012 21:23
Message from Thingol
Lol, I thought it was Mike Stewart...how come your profile doesn't state as much? And how come you're still afraid of simulplay games? ;)
#36 of 113
29th Jul 2012 13:40
Message from Snoochie Boochies
We need to Terminate the game, so I can adjust the map, it got moved 1/4 an inch to the left so the placement is off, the other 2 Scenarios work though
#35 of 113
14th Jul 2012 23:23
Message from Cona Chris
It's been fun trading the #2 and #3 spots with you! Seems like every couple of days there's a swing.
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