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Please call me LC or Cups!!

I've returned after a bit of a hiatus, and I'm enjoying being part of the community again. My intention is to have fun and make friends.

A few things you should know about me: My integrity is all I have. I'm certainly not going to jeopardize that for a turn-based strategy game. I would rather be thought of as a noble player than a cheat who is only interested in a fairly capricious ranking system. So you can count on my honor, even if that may be against my best interests.

If I ransack your country and demolish your armies, please know it's nothing personal. It's just a game. Let's admire each other's strategy and tenacity, and not get hung up on winners and losers.

Happy Gaming!

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18th May 2014 01:47
Message from Kuoru
hey lord of cups its been awhile
#11 of 11
3rd Apr 2014 17:32
Message from Patton
Congrats on your first piece of hardware! Well Done!
#10 of 11
16th Mar 2014 13:48
Message from Nayr
Hey, fancy seeing you here... glhf
#9 of 11
20th Jan 2012 01:18
Message from GrandMaster B
So, LOC reminds me of a couple of the old school Warfish Greats such as Ando, Pengo, Dingo and the such in that he appears to not only be a good player, but he is skillful in running smack while wiping out your countries...by the way, it's GrandMaster or GMB...
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4th Nov 2011 11:10
Message from Grendel
Hey man sent you an invite to a tournament...I have a team first alerans...join up if you want...
#7 of 11
2nd Sep 2011 04:05
Message from joeysprinkles
HAHA nothing personal. I just really wanted Scandinavia. I hear you, though. Truce it is...
#6 of 11
28th Jul 2011 19:45
Message from Royale
Thanks for the message buddy. Its been a good game.
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29th Jun 2011 00:56
Message from SpyYoshiRv
man, if you are asking why im gonna quit Wargear (i saw it on my tournament) its because i dont played so many wargear when my Premium expired.
#4 of 11
13th Mar 2011 13:06
Message from Jonathan
Hi, i could only agree with u totally. let me get myself out of russia b4 u attack me and get the continent. we can live side by side and work as a team!
#3 of 11
24th Jan 2011 21:23
Message from AdamN
Welcome to Wargear! What do you think so far?
#2 of 11
5th Jan 2011 18:02
Message from LuvBrotha
glad to see you here!
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