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Born and raised in Central America (I have dual Nicaraguan and USA heritage), married, and father of a school-age son. We live in Chatham County, North Carolina.

I started playing risk as a kid in Revolutionary Nicaragua, and I'm glad to relive the game, as well as find some cool new boards to enjoy.

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16th Oct 2019 02:44
Message from RUTHLEZZG
want to team up in this Australia Risk tournament 'love for australia'? Make a team and message me and I'll join.
#15 of 15
29th Sep 2019 08:31
Message from sirdakka
Haha thanks for noticing, but I've mostly been playing on a handful of boards so I think you'll pull away in no time! GOod luck :)
#14 of 15
8th Feb 2019 09:00
Message from sirdakka
And now you're leaving me in the dust, well played :)
#13 of 15
13th Oct 2018 11:03
Message from charlesdale
Congrats, Chele Nica on becomming a 3 star general. Excellent!
#12 of 15
3rd Sep 2017 07:39
Message from sirdakka
Better get your running shoes on then :D
#11 of 15
27th Aug 2017 16:58
Message from sirdakka
Haha, you're forum post gave me a target to aim for ;)
#10 of 15
21st May 2017 11:44
Message from sirdakka
Friendy and tough opponent on every board!
#9 of 15
9th Mar 2017 09:30
Message from Amidon37
Thanks for the note. Lots of good players here and I often feel I'm not worthy of that rank.
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3rd Feb 2017 13:26
Message from Thingol
Thanks for the map review Chele. Classy as usual. 🙂
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15th Sep 2016 08:03
Message from berickf
They're largely mutually exclusive from each other and I find that one is a representation of excellence while the other is merely a dog and pony show. So, I don't think I'll be joining that circus any time soon!
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10th Sep 2016 05:30
Message from berickf
Thanks, but what is next?
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26th Jul 2016 03:45
Message from charlesdale
Congrats on your new title...Brigadier General Nica!
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22nd Jul 2016 11:47
Message from Mad Bomber
Super strong player
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31st Mar 2015 00:48
Message from charlesdale
Nice French treasures you have there!
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24th Feb 2015 12:58
Message from asm
You indicated you were having some trouble with reading private messages in-game - perhaps to do with your premium trial membership running out? It's been a long time since I knew the ins & outs of the system here, but is private messaging a premium feature? Rest assured I am receiving yours.
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