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Rating distribution for Big Skin



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Mon 18th Sep 20:27
Texas rated  Superb
Great standard board for a game with a large number of players.
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Sun 4th Jun 23:17
Battle of Bladensburg rated  Abysmal
I like the unique design and the need to develop unique strategies. My only issue lies with the dice luck. I fully understand the advantages/disadvantages each terrain or type of territory presents. Even so, there are extreme dice swings which are great when you are on the good side of it, but just suck when you're on the bad side.
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Thu 27th Apr 10:43
Day at the Races rated  Great
I didn't think I'd like this board, but I do! I got a total sense that we were in a car race and chasing each other! Very fluid game.
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Tue 18th Apr 20:08
Knight's Tour rated  Average
I like the concept, but luck plays way too significant of a role.
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Tue 18th Apr 20:06
Skee rated  Bad
Really bad two person board. Starting position is too unbalanced.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:34
Fantastica rated  Great
Nice interesting board.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:33
Quantum Entanglement rated  Great
I like the invere map concept. Witty.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:32
Infection rated  Good
fun. Basic.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:31
Road Warrior rated  Good
Interesting concept. took a while to figure out what to do for a strategy.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:29
Go-Geared rated  Superb
Nice break from other types of map games. Seems like a whole different site.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:28
Lord Of Destruction rated  Superb
I really like this board. Just when you seem doomed, you can come fighting back and win.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:27
GearStorm rated  Good
its fine. Easy to play. Nothing too special.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:26
RoShamBo rated  Good
Fun. Quick. Easy. Luck.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:25
Silmarillion rated  Fair
I just cant seem to get a handle on this board. There are strategies to be learned.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:24
New World Gear rated  Average
Good board. Pretty basic. Wish it had some sort of a fun twist.
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Fri 31st Mar 00:23
Skyrim rated  Good
Pretty basic. Not bad
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Fri 31st Mar 00:22
Super Metgear rated  Average
Not my favorite style of board
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Thu 30th Mar 20:30
Eden rated  Good
Interesting board
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Thu 30th Mar 20:25
Expanding Europe rated  Great
Good take on standard risk board
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Thu 30th Mar 20:24
Castlevania rated  Good
This board requires more thought and patience than I was willing to give!
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