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22nd Sep 2013 20:27
Message from SquintGnome
I like your new logo.....and it makes me thirsty!
#46 of 66
29th Jul 2013 06:45
Message from Teamster
Hey, we prevailed in the Smurf War game. That was my first. It thought it was going to be pretty lame after having played a few round but it turned out to be quite fun.
#45 of 66
10th May 2013 17:39
Message from smoke
Congrats on hitting 200!
#44 of 66
25th Apr 2013 10:04
Message from weathertop
who's this new '37' player? suspiciously like your alter ego ;^) '37', got a star/planet as an avatar, likes my purple...
#43 of 66
12th Mar 2013 09:49
Message from Aiken Drumn
You're in now! http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/2414plast/FORUM_GAME:_Roll_to_Dodge#last
#42 of 66
14th Feb 2013 03:52
Message from smoke
Thanks! It's been a slow climb for months, with some good luck recently ... and then poloquebec just leap-frogged us both. But I made 200 today! (and I'm marking the event on YOUR wall ;). I'll see you over the line soon ... if I can slow my losing games enough that I manage to hang on.
#41 of 66
12th Feb 2013 20:55
Message from TheWarrior
Thanks for the invite to the Hex Board Game. I want to play in the tournament but waiting to see if a team forms that needs a player. One of the persons that I wanted to invite is out of games for a few weeks. So if you know of someone that needa a player, let me know. I always enjoyed a game with you.
#40 of 66
29th Oct 2012 19:53
Message from Kjeld
I just realized that you managed to pull off a win for us in that Escalation team game -- amazing job!
#39 of 66
22nd Jul 2012 16:35
Message from Snoochie Boochies
Yes it should be fine :)
#38 of 66
19th May 2012 01:48
Message from Mad Bomber
This guy knows the game........a top player 4 sure
#37 of 66
13th Apr 2012 11:49
Message from General FooBar
Will you take me as a team mate in "All Your BAses Are Mine"?
#36 of 66
24th Mar 2012 22:53
Message from Ozyman
Thanks for the heads up wrt. the extra border modifiers on 'just gems' I found 4 that I had forgotten to delete for that scenario, but I've cleaned it up now and promoted a new version. It won't affect your game, just newly started games.
#35 of 66
6th Mar 2012 22:01
Message from silvergarret
how about the ability to get the canteen back?
#34 of 66
4th Mar 2012 11:11
Message from silvergarret
on gunslinger, how about making cati, snake, ect 6d v 8d?
#33 of 66
24th Jan 2012 20:11
Message from M57
A, I notice you're tearing up my new boards, especially Go-Geared, which is no small feat.. I'm hoping you get a chance to write up a couple of reviews on them.
#32 of 66
28th Nov 2011 08:48
Message from Norseman
Hey, thanks for welcoming me back! I think you're one of the first to notice. :-)
#31 of 66
24th Nov 2011 04:55
Message from aids1080
dude im a huge fan of your gunslinger map. keep it up
#30 of 66
21st Nov 2011 10:26
Message from BlackDog
Hey Amidon, did you just make a change to Gunslinger this morning? I went first, starting with the normal 2 units on my gun, but I did not get the factory bonus, so I only have 2 units total on my first turn, is this right? In any case, fun map!
#29 of 66
23rd May 2011 19:57
Message from kloponarock
Or maybe you changed the top Territory's attack but not the Left side's?
#28 of 66
23rd May 2011 16:39
Message from kloponarock
Yea, I dunno. Maybe it just takes time to update.
#27 of 66
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